Thursday, October 29, 2015

Style With Prints & Patterns

Mixing prints and patterns can bring an airy freshness your home. But it can also be a challenge to mix and match in a way that doesn’t overpower or suffocate your rooms. By keeping it 60/30/10 you’ll create inviting spaces that you love to relax and entertain in. To follow the 60/30/10 guideline, you’ll use 60% of a favorite pattern, 30% of a second pattern, and 10% of a third as an accent. Then experiment with a range of scales: a narrow stripe, a midsize geometric, and a bold floral. Balance the look with solids on a sofa or accent rug.
Bali Hai San Carlos Chair with Exposed Wood Arms and Casters

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Warning: Nice Curves Ahead

Curves have always been sexy, but recently furniture designers have been bending to fashion’s trend by rounding edges and flirting with circles and curves. These are elements that you often don't notice but add a sense of style and comfort to your décor. The swirling shapes are sensuous, but also unexpectedly practical. Curved sofas draw people close and round dining tables make it easier for everyone to join in the conversation.
For example, the Miramont King Upholstered Sleigh Bed with Button Tufted Headboard by Bernhardt adds romance and glamour to everyday furnishings. Designed to be the grand centerpiece of your bedroom, the bed not only has a contemporary feel but exudes comfort and luxury. The round accent tables with metallic bases add opulence, making this room one you’ll never want to leave.
Miramont King Upholstered Sleigh Bed with Button Tufted Headboard

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cottage-Style Seating for Counters

Cottage homes are renowned for their casual comfort and sophisticated style. As soon as you walk through the door, you feel welcomed and comfortable. The calming, neutral colors, design details such as woven water hyacinth, and laid-back luxury and sophistication create a refuge where beauty surrounds and instantly sooths your soul.
You can quickly give your space an upscale yet cottage casual look with the Oyster Bay Hidden Lake Bistro Table and Merrick Swivel Counter Stool Set by Lexington. Tailored yet casual is the recipe for cottage style and the fresh, coastal look of Oyster Bay is the ideal way to create a space that looks and feels comfortable, easy, and livable. As relevant as it is timeless, the burnished stainless steel top adds a hip, modern edge to this classic bistro table, making it an ideal place for casual entertaining and dining. The four, full-extension drawers keep serving ware and dining necessities handy. The pre-worn finishes hint at daily use but can easily be dressed up for more elegant occasions.
Merrick Swivel Counter Stools and Bistro Table

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Transform Your Room Into A Cottage

Have you considered bringing the feeling of nature into your bedroom? Imagine coming home and feeling like you are in the middle of a forest, surrounded by the vast harmony of the wilderness, and disconnected from the stresses of work and traffic. We all need a few moments of peace after a long day, just get away from reality. If you have been looking for a way to transform your room into your “Me-zone”, then turn it into a cozy vacation cottage.
This can seem like a challenge because it can’t just be any furniture that creates this cozy cottage atmosphere. Fortunately, you can count on one of Baer’s interior designers to steer you in the right direction. They will give you design tips and help you create the perfect retreat that takes you away and makes your house really feel like a home.
The Preserve Bedroom Group by Stanley Furniture is a great way to start since the place you should be able to relax the most is in your bedroom. This classic piece is made with delicate patterns and holds every promise of comfort. Enjoy a long nights sleep on this rejuvenating piece.
Preserve Bedroom Group by Stanley Furniture

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Love Seats to Adore

Finding the right size sofa that perfectly fits in your space can be a challenging endeavor. If you add something bigger than it should be, your space will feel cluttered and your piece will look bulky. If you add something too small, your room will feel empty and cold. To find the right balance you have to know your space well.

A great way to avoid this dilemma is by incorporating a love seat. Love seats are the perfect size for a studio or loft with limited space, they are also great for pairing with a larger sofa for bigger spaces. The coziness and comfort that a love seat adds to a room is why we adore them! Who wouldn’t want to snuggle with a blanket or loved one while watching a movie on a Friday night? At Baer’s we have a wide variety of love seats. Our complimentary interior designers will help you think outside the box when it comes to assembling the perfect living room.

Take a look at the Drexel Heritage Upholstery Holloway Love Seat. The pattern and texture used to wrap around the fluffy cushioned seat will make you not want to get up from the comfort of this piece. The elegant wooden legs with ornamental shape, makes this a classic piece to add to your space. The patterned cushion accentuates this sofa and makes it a great place for quality time with loved ones.

Drexel Heritage Upholstery Holloway Love Seat

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Furniture Shapes Transform Your Room

Tall and thin or small and round, any furniture shape can have the potential to transform your room if you display it in the right way. The Tommy Bahama Kilimanjaro collection is an attention diva with its beautifully adorned pieces and sophisticated use of veneers. The detailed craftsmanship and design exudes incomparable elegance that will instantly upgrade your spaces. With its fun array of differently sized pieces this collection offers something for every room. You can now enjoy the look and practicality offered by a mahogany chest or an accent table as if you were a classic furniture collector happily curating masterpieces for his home.
Kilimanjaro Vickers Chest with Six Drawers Ant Turned Wood Pilasters

Monday, September 28, 2015

What Makes a Quality Couch

When you first start to furnish a new place there are some key elements that are so essential that you just can’t live without. Of course your bed is one of them, but right next to that one is a couch! Finding the perfect couch for your space is a quest in itself. You want to make sure that it is as charming and enjoyable as it is durable, that’s why it’s important to invest in a quality piece. At Baer’s Furniture, we want you to have the sofa that is right for you and that you can be sure will last so we have many options.
baers Island Traditions Manchester Chesterfield-Style Sofa with Button Tufting and Brown Leather Upholstery

Benefits of Round Tables

From round to rectangles and occasionally some hexagons, finding the right shape to your tables can help you create a balanced ambiance where you can feel at peace. Round tables add continuity to your space. With no edges to define general areas it is left as an open welcoming space perfect for friendly conversations in the morning over breakfast with your family. If you have younger children, round edges are the way to go. As tables can be at eye or head-level to your littles ones, one can easily avoid more accidents with this design. It’s also easier to reach items at the center of the table, which is great if you’re playing board games or don’t want to jump over anyone to get to the vinaigrette!
Baers Kensington Place Six Piece Dining Set with Round Table and Leather-Upholstered Arm Chairs

Bring Light to Your Dark Spaces

At Baer’s furniture, we want you to have the best experience possible when putting together your home. Something so personal needs all the attention and consideration we can offer and were here to shed some light on the matter. The first thing you want is to make sure you have when setting up any room is light. With the right amount of light, you can showcase your spaces well and create a lively atmosphere your family and friends will enjoy. But there are also some furniture pieces that can help reflect this light for greater vibrancy. When you add pieces with distinct lines, the curvature of these elements can direct the light in a certain way that accentuates the area.
The Ivory Key 7 Drawer Spanish Point Sideboard with Woven Raffia Drawer Fronts is a great way to clear the air and invite light into your spaces. The sheer wooden veneer in white does an excellent job at reflecting light, yet it finds a perfect balance with the patterned drawers, topped off with silver knobs.
daers Ivory Key 7 Drawer Spanish Point Sideboard with Woven Raffia Drawer Fronts

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How to Make an Item in Your Room Pop

Do you ever get the feeling that your space is missing something, that special element that completes the look you want? The answer is easy, add some color! When you’re going for that modern style, it’s easy to fall into the black, white and neutrals trap, but if you really want to make an item in your room pop then you definitely want to play mix and match with different tones. To do this, you want to pick one base color that dominates and captures the most attention, then another more subtle color to complement the first. Don’t be afraid to add some life into your spaces. Baer’s Furniture is happy to guide you in your search for the perfectly balanced room with eye-catching style.
The Milo Contemporary Sectional Sofa by Broyhill that can be ordered at Baer’s Furniture, plays with a series of grey tones that are highlighted with a fierce and dramatic depth of blue. By mixing different shades of greys with cream and turquoise cushions, your play on colors brings out its classical chicness and makes a fabulous impression.
Broyhill Milo Contemporary Sectional Sofa

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Feel Like You're Abroad At Home

When it’s time to decorate your home or even your beach house it’s always nice to have an ambiance where we can disconnect from the hectic pace of our daily lives. Imagine walking in to your home and having it feel like the place you enjoy most in this world and where you can calmly recharge. That special feeling you get when you travel abroad, you can easily get at home thanks to Baer’s Furniture! If you’re looking to add some tropicalluxury to your space then Tommy Bahama’s Landara collection is the place to start.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tips For Small Spaces

Some rooms in your home might not be as large as you want and you may find it difficult to decorate them without making them look cluttered. When spaces have a low ceiling it can also appear to significantly reduce the size of a room. When you’re working with spaces like these, you need to find unique ways to incorporate your furniture décor without making the room appear less spacious than it already is.
One trick that can help you make the room appear larger is by having low contrast between your furniture and wall décor. When you set up a space in this manner, the furniture pieces will blend in with the room creating the impression that they’re not as big as they are. A great example of this is the Wakefield Three-Door Distressed Buffet by Hooker Furniture. With its backless shelves and rustic design, this piece works well in creating a display area that seems to be a natural part of the room. Another great element about this piece is the storage it provides!
Hooker Furniture Wakefield Distressed Buffet and Dining Set

Monday, September 14, 2015

Breakfast Tables For Each Style

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s also a great opportunity to share some quality time with your family. Setting the right ambiance can make this daily ritual more enjoyable and there is no better way to do this than with some of Baer’s Furniture’s favorite breakfast tables.To display some of the simple elegance we are known for at Baer’s, we are featuring the Monterey Sands Collection from Lexington and the Seabrooke Collection from Broyhill. With so many different styles to choose from you should have no problem making your breakfast time special!
The Monterey Sands San Marcos Round Dining Tableis a great example of what a modern breakfast table should be. With its typical round shape and cream pallets, the light hearted tone brings about a relaxed atmosphere to start your day. This contemporary style is elegantly put together with diagonally supporting columns that form a geometric vision.
Monterey Sands San Marcos Round Dining Table and Chairs

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Timeless Pieces Stay In Style

When you invest in a centric piece of furniture, you want it to last. You want your guests to step into your living room year after year and feel the comfortable warmth of a modern setting. Some elaborate pieces will get antiquated throughout the years and it’s ok because you’ll replace them with the latest trend, but one thing you don’t want to be updating constantly is your entertainment room couches.
For this space you need something durable, comfortable, and fashionable and nothing says that more than quality leather!  Baer’s has the finest leather pieces manufactured with the utmost care and precision to give you the greatest comfort experience with style.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Practical and Glamorous Furniture

It’s not uncommon to believe that functional furniture pieces are purpose orientated while luxurious objects tend to be more visually captivating, yet they both come harmoniously together with Baer’s select styles. The Sanctuary collection introduces glamour with its wooden craftsmanship and mirrored elements that add a sparkle to the entire room. Who would have thought that the most eye-catching piece in the room could also be the most practical! Storage, organization and elegance are the following pieces’ main goals.
Baers Sanctuary Two-Door Two-Drawer Armoire with Mirror Front

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Baer’s Fall Zen Classics

Summer is ending and the temperatures are starting to cool down. The bristling wind, beautifully colored foliage and crisp air of the incoming fall season creates a very peaceful ambiance that is welcomed after a fun-filled summer. The essence of fall creates a Zen everybody should try and emulate into their homes. You can bring fall’s Zen into your bedroom with some beautiful pieces found in a Baer’s showroom near you.
The Island Fusion Mandarin King Upholstered Panel Bed is a clean-lined contemporary bed panel that keeps your room warm and cozy. Its simple white upholstered bed panel is held by wood finished bed posts that bring the colors of fall into the room. The two hickory wood horizontal lines create a stunning visual contrast that compares to the multicolored landscapes outside. You can pair it with any of your favorite autumn colors to embody the serenity you encounter every time you step outside of your home. When you come back indoors, you can be excited to lie in the peaceful ambiance created by this Zen inspired furniture piece found in a Baer’s showroom near you.

Feel Like You’re Still On Vacation

Fun, relaxation and beautiful weather are one of the best parts about being in the Caribbean. It is a place of wonder and joy that many people visit to escape the stress they have in their regular lives. Your home should have the same qualities of the Caribbean, making it a tranquil paradise. Baer’s Furniture showrooms have the best and most vast selection of furniture collections in South Florida to help make you feel like you are on vacation all the time.
It is easy to feel like you are back in a five star all-inclusive Caribbean resort with the Landara set by Tommy Bahama. The tropical inspired collection has traces of natural wood finishes and woven raffia that could only be found in the exotic woods of Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic.
The luxurious beds in the collection will help transform your mindset into the serenity of the Caribbean. The Landara Poster Bed opens the room to a luxurious embrace felt by the sea with its eclectic four posts.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Geometry Modernizes Your Spaces

From rectangles to squares and triangles to trapezoids, geometric figures are always around us. We see them in the architecture that surrounds us, as well as in the furniture pieces in our home. These shapes are in our daily lives whether we notice them or not; however, recent trends have made these figures more noticeable in our furniture design. No longer hidden behind cabinet doors or intricate patterns, Tommy Bahama’s Ocean Club Collection has managed to accentuate these geometric forms, uncovering their beauty, effortlessly transforming shapes from basic to chic.
The Ocean Club Pacifica Wall Unit, found at Baer’s Furniture, is a perfect example of spatial sophistication. With a combination of differently sized squares and rectangles, this 3 piece set is perfect for any serene and tranquil entertainment area.
Baers Ocean Club Pacifica Wall Unit

Minimalist Taste, Huge Style

One of the most sought after trends that we are seeing at Baer’s Furniture this year includes minimal overall designs, spiced up with simple details. The idea of maintaining a minimalist design lies in finding furniture that does not draw attention with various colors, sizes or shapes but rather focuses on an understated elegance utilizing small trims and finishes that elevate the piece. If you’re looking to appeal to a minimalist taste, look to collections such as Stanley’s Preserve or Broyhill’s Seabrooke.
Including small accents in either the woodwork or fabric of your furniture is a great idea minimalists can incorporate for a stylish design. The Preserve Collection by Stanely is a great example by offering clean lines accented by antiqued hues and hand scored trim. Its aged look brings in a vintage style that adds personality and enhances any minimalist design.
baers The Preserve Collection

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Stay Simple with Solid Colors

One trend that is rising among homeowners is keeping their furniture designs simple. One-tone fabrics are very popular among interior designs not only because of personal taste, but because of their simplicity and versatility. Neutral, single toned furniture can allow your wall color and accent pieces to be the main focus of your room. Utilizing simple larger furniture will allow you to display and call attention to some of your favorite travel treasures or family photos. If you have furniture with a lot of design and color, it may draw attention to itself, derailing the focus from your personal family stories that make your house a home.
If you are looking for simplicity and clean lines, our Baer’s professional designers recommend the Thomasville Upholstery Highlife 3 Seat Stationary Sofa. This attractive sofa is has the sophistication and elegance to class up any living room.
Baers Thomasville Upholstery Highlife 3 Seat Stationary Sofa

Furniture For An Accent Wall

A unique design you frequently find in Florida homes are accent walls. These types of walls are a part of a modern design trend that make a wall the visual center point of the room. They are bright, demand attention, but most of all, add a lot of personality to a space making it a fun and lively. It’s an entertaining, eye-catching visual that adds depth to any space. Complimenting these walls with the right piece of furniture may be tough for some. You don’t want to draw too much attention away from the beauty of the accent wall, however you don’t want the furniture to be mundane either. So how do you do it?
Our first recommendation is to let the accent wall stand-out by choosing single-toned neutral furniture sets that will subtly compliment the color of your wall. At Baer’s we believe that you can’t go wrong with Tommy Bahama, so we suggest you try this Bai Hai Shoreline sofa from Tommy Bahama that has a light fabric with a solid wood trim.
baers Bai Hai Shoreline sofa from Tommy Baham

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Baer’s Comfort And Design

You love to spoil your kids and pets.  At Baer’s, customer satisfaction is our top priority and we understand it is sometimes necessary to give the things you love dearest the most attention. But what about spending some time and attention on yourself and your comfort? Your bed is one of the most sought out items in your room. It is your gate to relaxation, calmness, and the medium for a good night’s rest. At Baer’s, beds are our specialty and we take comfort in knowing that we can provide you with top of line bedroom options to make you feel like you’re on vacation all year round.
One of the oldest traditions, but still a favorite of our Baer’s professional interior designers is the four-poster bed, and no one does it better when it comes to luxury than Tommy Bahama. Baer’s features two of the most sought after Tommy Bahama collections in south Florida: Island Estate and Royal Kahala.
The Island Estate Queen-Sized West Indies Canopy Bed from the Tommy Bahama Island Estate Collection is classic, but adds a unique design with its sea grass fabric and bamboo-carved posters. This is a great example of a four post bed that would open up and add romance to a room.
Baers Queen-Sized West Indies Canopy Bed from the Tommy Bahama Island Estate Collection

Baer’s Classic Furniture Collections

At Baer’s Furniture we understand the importance of keeping it classy. We design our showrooms to do just that for all of our customers to create an experience they will enjoy, and we want to offer that same level of charm to your home. One of our favorite pairings here at Baer’s is  rustic charm with classic elements.  When it’s done correctly, the result is fantastic.
Lately, a lot of curious designers have been mixing the classic look of contemporary chairs, which focus on unique designs, with the eye-catch flair of a rustic table. The combinations fuse simplicity with personality, a look that has steadily grown throughout this year here at Baer’s.
A top pick of almost all Baer’s professional designers is the Solana Collection from Hooker Furniture. The Solana Host Chair with Upholstered Back and Tapered Legs is a simple two-toned piece of furniture that upgrades an old world feel into an intriguing design. Its delicate arms rests with wooden feet all comes together with the intrinsic back design that makes it a piece to see. The light creamy tones of the fabric with the thin trims of the chair make the rustic wooden look appear clean and delicate giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to furniture.
baers The Solana Host Chair with Upholstered Back and Tapered Leg

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Right Furniture For Petowners

Choosing furniture for your home when you have pets can be a tricky task. As all pet owners know, sometimes our pets forget they are pets and want to enjoy our furniture as much as we do. That’s why it is so important to choose the right furniture that is both comfortable and durable.

Contrasting Colors

The color fur of your dog may place a huge factor into which color furniture you choose. If your dog has dark fur, you may want to steer clear from lighter fabrics that you would have to clean more often. Same goes for lighter fur, for example if your pet has golden fur, then a neutral crème colored piece may work best for you. With any fabric color you choose, we recommend highly washable fabrics, because in the warm Florida climate all pets will shed and you want to make sure that your entire family can enjoy a clean relaxing space. Consult with one of Baer’s professional designers and let us help you choose the right fabric for your home that will allow your furry friends to enjoy your furniture just as much as the rest of your family.

Caring For Your Leather Furniture

Adding a leather couch into your house is the one piece of furniture every person dreams about. Only a few pieces can invite optimal relaxation in such a comforting and classic way as leather definitely can. However, make sure that you are taking the right steps to protect your newfound luxury from the wear and tear of your busy life and family.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Stripes, Squares and Blues, OH MY!

Everybody designs their room for a purpose. Whether you are designing your living room, office or bedroom, there are two elements everybody should include: fun and comfort. The easiest way to achieve both goals is to add colors and patterns in your room through fabrics and designs!


No matter which way your furniture’s stripes go, they are sure to liven up your room. This season, stripes are in and they are easy to incorporate in any design. Look at this Monica Transitional Upholstered Chair and Rectangular Ottoman from the Broyhill Collection as an example. It’s a two-toned stripped piece which is simple enough to add into any room, but brings in a touch of uniqueness that completes a look.
baers furniture 3

Color Combinations to Try Outdoors

Adding colors to you indoor furniture is simple because you can control most of the factors that are inside. Keeping your outside looking bright, vibrant and new is a little more difficult. To get you started on the perfect outdoor look, here are three color combinations that may help you add some pop to your outdoor furniture.

Tones of Orange

Break away from the tradition of wicker furniture. Instead, find furniture with durability that brings out the natural looks of Florida. For example, the Kingstown Sedona 6 Piece Patio Set with Accent Table from Tommy Bahama compliments the foliage green hues with its design and colors. The orange contrasts the green in your landscaping with a controlled pop of color, allowing the furniture to stand out with a personality all its own.
baers furniture Reviews 3