Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Baer's Furniture Announces Round of Corporate Promotions

Baer's Furniture is excited to congratulate the Baer family on changes in corporate structure, following an announcement by chairman of the board Robert Baer.

Baer's Furniture corporate changes
From left, David Baer, Ronald Baer, Ira Baer, Cathy Baer Haubenstock, Jerome Baer, Laurance Baer, Danielle Baer, and Michael Baer

The family-owned and operated business has elevated several of its family members to executive positions within the corporation, including:

  • Jerome Baer, President and CEO
  • Allan Baer, Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Ronald Baer, Executive Vice President and COO
  • Cathy Baer Haubenstock, Senior Vice President
  • Laurance Baer, Senior Vice President
  • Ira Baer, Senior Vice President and CFO
  • Danielle Baer, Vice President
  • David Baer, Vice President
Michael Baer has chosen to retire this year.

CEO Jerome Baer announced plans to expand the Baer's Furniture brand further into Florida markets in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Dade County.

Baer's Furniture is a BBB A+ rated company operating 16 stores in the South Florida area.

Create a Cozy, Comfortable Living Room with a Natuzzi Editions Leather Sofa

The comfort and visual warmth leather furniture can bring to a home make it a popular choice for living room décor. Available in neutral shade, or even bold colors, leather couches provide a solid foundation to decorate around. However, if left bare and stranded, a leather couch can become an unwieldy piece of furniture that overwhelms the entire room. Fabric, wall color, accessories, and the right furniture arrangement can integrate new or well-worn leather pieces into your home’s design.

leather living room set at baer's furniture

Area Rugs

Use an area rug to define the space and balance the scale of the furniture in the room. Place the front of the sofa legs and the other furniture just over the edges of the rug to connect the pieces. The Natuzzi Contemporary Sofa above is placed to create the central conversation area of the room, with overstuffed chairs and an ottoman to complete the circle. The area rug highlights the rich leather of the furniture and the polished wood floors. The neutral color allows the furniture to take center stage.

Pillows and Throw Blankets

Throw pillows add visual interest and depth that keep your leather sofa from becoming a chunk of solid brown in your living room. A throw makes your overstuffed, comfortably broken-in leather couch even more inviting. You can dress up the piece with pillows in two or three colors, or drape a quilt over the back for a country-style room. Or add a bit of elegance to your traditional look with a fringed chenille or cashmere throw.

contemporary leather ottoman by Natuzzi


Accessories are a great way to add interest to any room. Hang a painting or series of paintings that are narrower than the width of the sofa to add visual height behind the focal point in your room. Place accessories of various heights on a sofa table or window sill to keep the sofa from looking too bulky. Match the scale of the coffee table to that of the sofa, or use an ottoman, such as the Contemporary Ottoman with Block Legs, as a coffee table to keep it in scale.

Visit Baer’s Furniture for the largest selection of genuine leather furniture, including Natuzzi Editions. Ask about the complimentary design service to learn how to style your new leather sofa.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Explore the Bold New Look of Midcentury Modern Furniture from Lexington

Mid-century modern style can be instantly recognized by its simple clean lines and geometric design. This is a style that can be seen the iconic designs of Charles Eames, George Nelson, and George Nakashima developed from 1933 to 1965. Possibly driven by the popularity of the Mad Men TV series, midcentury modern furniture is back in style. The TAKE FIVE Collection by Lexington is an updated iteration of midcentury style.

Much more than retro, the mid-century modern designs resonate with elegant simplicity and edgy expression of a bygone age. Delicate touches of gold leaf and Carrera marble veneers add up to unforgettable, sophisticated home décor. Although mid-century modern style continues to increase in popularity, no one wants to live in a time capsule. Below are some tips on how to get the retro-inspired look.

lexington king bedroom set at baer's furniture

Design Basics of Mid-century Modern Interiors

  • Simple lines
  • Clean, uncluttered look
  • Wood furniture and wooden trim, often in teak
  • Geometric or graphic print wall art, starburst clocks, and metal mobiles
  • Graphic patterns and texture

In the bedroom above, the TAKE FIVE King Bedroom by Lexington is an update on this popular style with an added global influence. It incorporates the iconic mid-century elements of clean, organic lines and natural wood grain, adding a depth and elegance to the space. The sophisticated palette of rich browns and neutrals instead of the traditional teals and tangerines plays well with the brass hardware adding a contemporary feel to the look. In keeping with the updated look, the soft gold geometric print in the throw pillows replaces the more colorful geographic patterns of the classic style. Geometric gold lamps reference the style while updating the look.

Keep It Fresh with Thoughtful Finishing Touches

Carefully complement the clean, simple lines of your mid-century modern inspired furniture with minimalist accessories. Geometric-inspired ceramics on the bedside table and bold black and white prints on the wall are perfect foils for this simple, timeless décor. The simple lines of the TAKE FIVE collection by Lexington look fresh and modern in this soft brown, contemporary bedroom.

BBB A+ rated Baer’s Furniture has recently named Jerry Baer President and CEO!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Create a Casual Dining Room Southern Style with Paula Deen

Until recently, many thought dining rooms were on the endangered species list, with many people preferring a family room/eat-in kitchen combination. But the growing at-home entertaining trend has created a renewed appreciation of a functional, beautiful, casual dining room. With the Paula Deen Dogwood Dining Room Group you can fill your dining area with casual southern charm—the perfect place entertaining as well as for family meals.

dogwood dining set by Paula Deen

Choose the Right Table

The table is the most important piece of the furniture in your dining room, so you may be tempted to pick something that makes a statement. But instead of choosing an ornate design, consider keeping the table neutral and understated so that it transcends the trends and ages well with time.

The River House Round Table with Turned Pedestal from Paula Deen gives you a bold, classic look that only gets better with time. The style of your table influences the feel of your room and how many people you can comfortably host. Round tables or oval tables are perfect for almost any space, and their rounded edges let more people sit and move around with ease. Formal table cloths are almost a thing of the past, so your tabletop needs to shine. Choose material that will be durable and attractive. Consider not only the size of your dining room but also how many people you will entertain and how often. Choose a table with leaves for ultimate seating flexibility.

Include a Sideboard

When bringing southern style into your home, you can’t forget the sideboard—every traditional southern home has one. Look for something practical with plenty of space for storage and service. Warm wood tones and classic styles give a traditional, charming feel to your casual dining area. Modern accessories keep the room fresh and current.

dining room sideboard at Baer's Furniture

Mix Casual and Formal China

When entertaining, mix and match your casual, every day dinnerware with your formal China for a collected, casual look. Give your place settings a modern touch with crisp, large, monogrammed linen napkins. Family silver, if you have it, blends nicely into casual southern styles, as no southern hostess would entertain without her heirloom pieces.

Create a Mood with Candles and Flowers

The soft glow of candles make any event special, so use plenty of votives and tapers on your table and sideboard. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your dining room, consider it a big candle that adds warmth and intimacy to the ambiance. Fresh flowers are a must, but they don’t have to be elaborate. A few stalks in a glass vase as a centerpiece, or small clusters in compotes or bowls spaced along your table will add color and set the tone.

It’s no mean feat to create a space that feels special enough to use for formal events, while also functional enough to be used every day. But with careful planning, you can do it. With the Dogwood Collection by Paula Deen you’ll quickly find the right mix of elegance and comfort.

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