Monday, September 28, 2015

Benefits of Round Tables

From round to rectangles and occasionally some hexagons, finding the right shape to your tables can help you create a balanced ambiance where you can feel at peace. Round tables add continuity to your space. With no edges to define general areas it is left as an open welcoming space perfect for friendly conversations in the morning over breakfast with your family. If you have younger children, round edges are the way to go. As tables can be at eye or head-level to your littles ones, one can easily avoid more accidents with this design. It’s also easier to reach items at the center of the table, which is great if you’re playing board games or don’t want to jump over anyone to get to the vinaigrette!
Baers Kensington Place Six Piece Dining Set with Round Table and Leather-Upholstered Arm Chairs

The Kensington Place Six Piece Dining Set with Round Table and Leather-Upholstered Arm Chairs from the Lexington collection can be ordered at Baer’s and is a great place to energize for the day. With its ribbon stripe mahogany and dark brown finish, this table is the epitome of sophisticated elegance. The high fashion chairs are crafted with leather cushions and have a beautiful Brentwood finish.
Another great round table to be enjoyed by the whole family is the River House Round Table with Turned Pedestal. This classic look also comes in white, with an oyster shell finish.  It includes a leaf, which allows the table to extend to 72 inches and hold an oval shape. This is perfect for holidays and hosting dinners with extra guests.
If you want to see other pieces with a marvelous use of shapes for the right occasion visit us at or stop by one of our showrooms today. Our complimentary interior designers are more than happy to help you incorporate these elements in your spaces and show you the best ways to display them.

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