Friday, May 13, 2016

House Your Media in Style with Lexington Furniture

From news to watching DVDs or streaming movies, there’s no doubt that the TV has become an integral part of modern life, and possibly the most important entertainment provider in your home. Once thought of as an eyesore, flat screen TVs are now the focal point in many contemporary living rooms. In addition, our TVs now have recipes, can answer phones, and stream videos and movies. Your console can both frame the television and anchor the room.

coastal style media wall unit

Make a Statement with Your Flat Screen TV

The days when TV units were small are long gone. A large flat screen is now considered essential for watching movies and sports, whether in the living room or a separate media room or home theater. So, you media wall unit needs to be able to accommodate a large TV as well as a DVD players, disks, and other accoutrements such as game console ports, remotes, and more.

A wall display unit that doubles as a media entertainment console is a stylish option for both making your TV the focal point of your room and keeping your media neat and organized. Generally, a large part of the media unit is reserved for the TV and its components, as in the Monterey Sands Camino Real Media Wall Unit by Lexington. Additional shelves for displaying objects, arranging books, and storing DVDs are arranged around the TV shelf.

light wood entertainment unit at Baer's Furniture

Another option, especially in smaller rooms, is to place your TV on a TV stand or armoire. A medium height stand with adjustable shelves and drawers for media equipment, built-in power cables, will create a harmonious and casual atmosphere in your entertainment space. The Monterey Sands Spanish Bay Entertainment Console by Lexington features four drawers and three adjustable shelves to easily organize your media storage.

Finishing Touch: Comfortable Seating

In general, televisions come with adjustable rotating stands that allow you to angle the TV to suit the convenience of viewers. So, once you have your TV supported, comfortable seating is a must. In most living rooms, the TV will be opposite the sofa, allowing you and your family to lounge with ease. If necessary, you can arrange for accent chairs to serve as media chairs in smaller spaces or when overflow seating is needed.

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Monday, May 9, 2016

How to Create a Glamorously Elegant Dining Room with Bernhardt Furniture

If you love glamorous and elegant design — the bright, lustrous accents and luxurious finishes with its elegant details, palette of ivory, gold, white, and soft gray, add an unprecedented level of sophistication to the overall look. Bernhardt Furniture will liven any room with designs that that dazzle both mind and spirit. A little luxury goes a long way in this glamorously elegance dining room.

wooden dining room set at Baer's Furniture

Create a Luxurious Atmosphere with Subtle Style

Good dining room furniture creates the right ambiance for one of the activities most central to family life — meals. Shopping for dining room furniture can be overwhelming—there are so many choices available. If you are brave and bold, you can find a style that reflects your personality and create a glamorous, luxurious look with subtle patterns and muted colors.

The Beverly Glen collection by Bernhardt merges old Hollywood glamour with contemporary flair in an expert blend of transitional elegance and bold detailing. This mix of classic shapes and artful lines sets the stage for wholesome family meals and elegant entertaining. Measure your space to determine if you have room for a hutch or buffet.

Choosing the right kind of furniture will make your dining room glamorous and leave a lasting impression on your guests. The soft movement, comfy cream upholstery, and classic shape of the Beverly Glen Arm Chair conveys relaxed elegance while the tapered legs and scrolled back evoke restrained elegance. The subtle color palette of ivory, cream, and grays highlight the rich dark wood of the table and chairs. The glamorous look is about bright, lustrous accents and luxe finishes such as black galaxy granite that are sure to leave your guests gasping in awe.

Glitz, Glamour, and Drama

Glitz, glamour, and big-time drama are the hallmark of this style. It is actually a combination of several different styles, including neoclassical and art deco. It reaches the exact balance between overly cluttered and extremely spare, edited in such a way that inhabits the space between excess and minimalism. This creates a majestic movie atmosphere that references old Hollywood glamour. It is, in many ways, a style made up of other styles, with every piece a beautiful, detailed, and functional work of art.

If you want to create a little glitz and glam with a touch of elegance in your dining room, stop by a Baer’s Furniture showroom near you and shop the entire Beverly Glen collection from Bernhardt Furniture.

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