Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Stay Simple with Solid Colors

One trend that is rising among homeowners is keeping their furniture designs simple. One-tone fabrics are very popular among interior designs not only because of personal taste, but because of their simplicity and versatility. Neutral, single toned furniture can allow your wall color and accent pieces to be the main focus of your room. Utilizing simple larger furniture will allow you to display and call attention to some of your favorite travel treasures or family photos. If you have furniture with a lot of design and color, it may draw attention to itself, derailing the focus from your personal family stories that make your house a home.
If you are looking for simplicity and clean lines, our Baer’s professional designers recommend the Thomasville Upholstery Highlife 3 Seat Stationary Sofa. This attractive sofa is has the sophistication and elegance to class up any living room.
Baers Thomasville Upholstery Highlife 3 Seat Stationary Sofa

Solid colored furniture is also great for people who get bored of the same designs over time. One-toned colored pieces flawlessly adapt into any design theme. For example, if you have a simple crème hued sectional, you can change decorations according to the seasons. Highlight the fall season with earth-toned decorations or add bright & lively accents in the spring and summer.
Even the simplest furniture can be spruced up with a minor accent of trim. One of Baer’s favorite collections that display this characteristic is the Beverly Glen Collection from Bernhardt.  This collection adds glamour to simplicity with fluting detail not found in any other collection.
Baers  Beverly Glen Collection - Dinning Room Table
If you are interested in learning more about how to simplify your style visit us today at www.baers.com or a Baer’s showroom nearest you and talk to one of our complimentary designers for inspiration.

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