Thursday, March 31, 2016

Add Classic Charm and Coastal Influences to Your Dining Room with Broyhill Furniture

Often, your dining room is the darkest, most formal room in the house and the least used. Why not put a more modern spin on your dining room and create a bold, fresh, fun, and enticing space the entire family can enjoy? You can do this by adding classic charm and coastal influences that reference the beach, the sun, the sky, and the ocean. A dining table and chairs from the Broyhill Furniture Seabrook Collection can help you do just that.
beach themed dining room set at Baer's Furniture
Begin by painting the walls with a light, beachy color such as aqua or seagreen. These colors not only give you the coastal feel you are going for, but highlight the classic design of the table and chairs. The creamy white finish—classic coastal—is a perfect foil for the aqua walls and neutral flooring. Designer touches such as louvered accents, capital molding, and turned legs add coastal charm and keep the room light and airy.
In keeping with the beach theme, fresh tropical flowers in a simple glass vase adorn the table top and ocean-themed prints hang on the walls. The darker gray chair seats pick up threads of darker grey in the area rug on the floor, creating unity in the soft surfaces of the room. The bare windows allow plenty of sunshine to flood the room, making it a perfect spot for a casual weekend breakfast. If you are lucky enough to have an ocean view, it’s like you have additional piece of art on the wall.
coastal dining room chairs at Baer's Furniture
The Seabrook Two Door Server gives you plenty of space for storing cutlery and china as well as addition space for serving when feeding a crowd or showcasing home décor accent pieces. The removable bottle rack allows you to easily store and serve wine on special occasions, or creates more storage for table linens if you prefer. With its innovative design and practical design, it will quickly become a focal piece, both visually and functionally.
As always, finish the look with personal touches that show your style. A collection of sea glass or shells displayed on the sideboard, seasonal fruit or flowers on the dining room table, or a tray of antique decanters—you can freshen the room at any time by switching out these collections. And there you have it—the perfect coastal dining room.
Feeling inspired by coastal style? Stop by the Baer’s Furniture showroom near you to check the entire Seabrooke Collection from Broyhill.

Feeling inspired? Check out our Baer’s Furniture Pinterest account for great interior design ideas! Visit a showroom near you, like Baer’s Furniture in Pembroke Pines, for all the pieces you need to complete a coastal makeover.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Create an Outdoor Living Room with Tommy Bahama Furniture

Interior decorators often take inspiration from nature, bringing the outside in by using natural materials and features such as plants and rocks. However, as you explore patio designs, you might want to think about bringing the inside out. A stylish and relaxing outdoor living space can increase the appeal and value of your home, while also providing a tranquil space for friends and family to get together and comfortably enjoy the great outdoors.

Designing a functional and relaxing space for outdoor living presents a series of challenges, not the least of which are ensuring privacy and shelter from the sun and wind. Added to that the issues of color harmony, architectural style, traffic flow, space requirements, and comfort. Working within these constraints takes careful planning and an extra dash of creativity. The Island Estate Lanai Collection by Tommy Bahama makes an ideal foundation for building an outdoor space friends and family can enjoy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Make Your Small Dining Room Cozy with Lexington Furniture

A large dining room may have the advantage when entertaining large groups of people, but a small space is perfect for creating a cozy, intimate space. When you live in a home or apartment without a clearly defined dining room, it can be a challenge to design a space where you can eat and entertain while keeping the space balanced. The transitional style of the Monterey Sands collection by Lexington Furniture provides casual elegance to any small space.

When putting together a small dining room, these three strategies work well:
  • Hang a light directly above your table, especially if it is in an unusual spot.
  • Hang a mirror or framed art above the table to draw the eye into the space.
  • Keep the general style that you have in the rest of the space so that the look is cohesive.
Small dining rooms pose more design challenges than tiny bedrooms and living rooms. It takes imagination and sometimes a little trial and error, but the lack of space doesn’t have to be a constraint. Begin by carefully choosing a design theme that enhances rather than over powers the small area.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Create a European Getaway with Stanley Furniture

European-style cottage homes are renowned for their charm and natural comfort. If you are longing for a little of this style in your home, try adding cottage-style coziness to your bedroom and make it a European getaway with Stanley furniture. The European Cottage collection by Stanley Furniture celebrates impeccable craftsmanship with subtle details and exquisitely distressed finishes.

Neutrals Make a Bold Statement

A mix of taupe, oyster shell, and gray provide the perfect color palette for a cottage-style getaway. These hues create a natural and beautifully vibrant backdrop for the distressed and weathered furnishings that are a key element of cottage décor. Little imperfections and discolorations create an earthy, distressed look highlighted by wood-beamed ceilings covered in a soft, white coat of paint, making the room feel open and refreshed.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Add A Little Sophistication To Your Dining Room

The transitional style is a hybrid that provides a comfortable, casual, and understated interpretation of luxe living. A blend of lighter wood tones, relaxed shades of taupe, ivory, gray and natural textures will give your dining room or breakfast nook an air of laid-back sophistication.

Mix, Match, and Meld

If your tastes hover between contemporary lines and traditional shapes, modern and classic pieces, natural and industrial materials, this style may be perfect for you. The eclectic mix of elements such as button-tufting, turned legs, and breakfront profiles with geometric metal bases, natural materials, and burnished stainless steel tops provides the right blend of old and new. This is also a style that can easily be freshened up by bringing in new elements here and there, or changing out bigger pieces if desired, without having to redo the entire room.

Oyster Bay Formal Dining Room

Friday, February 26, 2016

Show Your Style with Colorful Transitional Furniture

Comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal are the hallmarks of modern design. The right transitional furniture, accessories, and lighting creates an inviting and beautiful space where you can live your life at ease. These transitional pieces blend well with your existing furniture and quickly transform your rooms from merely functional to gorgeous.

Keep It Fresh and Colorful with Transitional Pieces

Transitional furniture is known for its fresh material combinations, decorative elements, and vivid colors, making them ideal for designing one-of-a-kind rooms. When considering adding colorful, transitional furniture to your home, do not be afraid to experiment with pieces that are unusual—let your creative side run wild as you add attractive touches that exemplify your personal style. After all, it’s your home, why should it be ordinary when you are anything but?

Melange Pure Bliss Chest

Monday, February 22, 2016

Create a Little Parisian Flair in Your Bedroom

Ah, Paris, city of lights, what could be more romantic? Now you can bring a little Parisian style into your home, especially your bedroom. Parisian style is a mix of new and old, where traditional and modern pieces coexist peacefully, side by side. It is always chic and stylish, just like the city itself. However, the intriguing mix of contemporary and vintage only looks effortless. Here are a few tips for bringing Parisian style to life in your bedroom.

Mix and Not Match

The typical Parisian room will have a mix of old and new styles, art, and books, creating a distinctively eclectic look and feel. It is never too precious or too perfect, but carefully put together so as to look not too thought-out, but definitely not thoughtless. Layered, curated but undecorated, this look depends on the perfect paring of flea market finds or heirlooms with modern pieces for an organic, bohemian eclectic style.

Vintage Appeal

Paris is famous for its flea markets that appear every weekend in a different arrondissement (borough) as if by magic. The by Stanley Furniture exemplifies the glorious juxtaposition of pieces and periods that are the essence of French style. Anchor your room with the Reverie Panel Bed, then accessorize with quirky pieces, knickknacks, and curiosities from your own flea market treasure hunting.

Arrondissement Reverie Panel Bed