Monday, September 28, 2015

Bring Light to Your Dark Spaces

At Baer’s furniture, we want you to have the best experience possible when putting together your home. Something so personal needs all the attention and consideration we can offer and were here to shed some light on the matter. The first thing you want is to make sure you have when setting up any room is light. With the right amount of light, you can showcase your spaces well and create a lively atmosphere your family and friends will enjoy. But there are also some furniture pieces that can help reflect this light for greater vibrancy. When you add pieces with distinct lines, the curvature of these elements can direct the light in a certain way that accentuates the area.
The Ivory Key 7 Drawer Spanish Point Sideboard with Woven Raffia Drawer Fronts is a great way to clear the air and invite light into your spaces. The sheer wooden veneer in white does an excellent job at reflecting light, yet it finds a perfect balance with the patterned drawers, topped off with silver knobs.
daers Ivory Key 7 Drawer Spanish Point Sideboard with Woven Raffia Drawer Fronts

The Ivory Key Stationary Living Room Group includes the Crystal Caves Sofa whose solid white fabric contrasts exceptionally well with any colored carpet or cushion, the brighter the accessory, the whiter the sofa will appear. Another great piece in this group is the Horse Shoe Tray and Cocktail Table. Its wooden veneers in egg-white make this a clean setting and a brighter space.
baers Horse Shoe Tray and Cocktail Table
If you want to see more of the Ivory Key collection from Tommy Bahama you can find us at You can also visit us at one of our locations today and talk to one of our complimentary interior designers for more advice on how to brighten up your spaces. Check out more Baer’s reviews.

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