Monday, June 8, 2015

Stripes, Squares and Blues, OH MY!

Everybody designs their room for a purpose. Whether you are designing your living room, office or bedroom, there are two elements everybody should include: fun and comfort. The easiest way to achieve both goals is to add colors and patterns in your room through fabrics and designs!


No matter which way your furniture’s stripes go, they are sure to liven up your room. This season, stripes are in and they are easy to incorporate in any design. Look at this Monica Transitional Upholstered Chair and Rectangular Ottoman from the Broyhill Collection as an example. It’s a two-toned stripped piece which is simple enough to add into any room, but brings in a touch of uniqueness that completes a look.
baers furniture 3


Even if you don’t like geometry, you can appreciate the great way squares look when incorporated in a piece of furniture. In most designs, squares can be combined in multiple sizes to add an edgy, but elegant look to any piece. The Ocean Club South Sea Dining Set from Tommy Bahama shows exactly what we mean. The simplicity of the tabletop, combined with the grid base, breaks through the stereotype that traditional pieces can’t be fun.
baers furniture 2

Anything with Blue

It’s no secret that blue is VERY popular right now. It’s the color of the sky and the ocean, which creates a calming effect on most people. Whether its dark blue, light blue, or a variation such as turquoise, we suggest adding blue accents to your bedroom or office to help relieve stress. Studies have even shown that people are more productive in blue rooms!
Look at this blue Melange Blue Nile Chest from Hooker, its textured class adds a unique look to any room.
baers furniture
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