Monday, July 13, 2015

Caring For Your Leather Furniture

Adding a leather couch into your house is the one piece of furniture every person dreams about. Only a few pieces can invite optimal relaxation in such a comforting and classic way as leather definitely can. However, make sure that you are taking the right steps to protect your newfound luxury from the wear and tear of your busy life and family.

Take Caution with Cleaners

While leather is durable and comfortable you need to make sure that you maintain it properly, just like anything else in your home. To maintain its elegance and shine, you need the proper cleaners and techniques so you don’t threaten the quality of the material, but enhance its look. One tip is to stay away from cleaners that use oil derived soap. Using oil based cleaners may alter the color of your leather because it may stain or darken it. Many people revert to mild soaps to clean their leather, but just because it’s easy on the hands, does not mean it is good for leather. It will be effective in removing the dirt, but it will also erode some of the color, which will result in a clean, but blotchy looking couch.  If you spill anything on your leather furniture the best solution is to wipe it up as soon as the spill happens. The genuine leather sold at Baer’s will maintain its beauty and integrity as long as you remember that the quicker you clean up a mess the better.

Protect It from the Beginning

Right when you get your leather couch or chair, make sure to ask one of Baer’s professionals how to best upkeep Baer’s genuine leather. Maintaining your new Baer’s furniture shouldn’t be a guessing game and we are here to help you right from the beginning.
Visit us at to view all of our leather sofas and chairs. Then stop by a showroom and learn how Baer’s genuine leather pieces are perfect for you!  Baers furniture reviews are also available online.

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