Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Feel Like You’re Still On Vacation

Fun, relaxation and beautiful weather are one of the best parts about being in the Caribbean. It is a place of wonder and joy that many people visit to escape the stress they have in their regular lives. Your home should have the same qualities of the Caribbean, making it a tranquil paradise. Baer’s Furniture showrooms have the best and most vast selection of furniture collections in South Florida to help make you feel like you are on vacation all the time.
It is easy to feel like you are back in a five star all-inclusive Caribbean resort with the Landara set by Tommy Bahama. The tropical inspired collection has traces of natural wood finishes and woven raffia that could only be found in the exotic woods of Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic.
The luxurious beds in the collection will help transform your mindset into the serenity of the Caribbean. The Landara Poster Bed opens the room to a luxurious embrace felt by the sea with its eclectic four posts.

Be comforted every time you lay on your bed with the Landara Sleigh Bedroom Group. You will find yourself in an ambiance of peace and sunlight as the accent design and wood shine in the room just transporting you back to the Caribbean. Our Baer’s interior designers recommend that you pair both types of bed furnishings with white curtains and soothing fabrics to help bring in the feeling of serenity and comfort.
If you’re looking to experience Caribbean luxury every day, stop by a Baer’s showroom and look for the wonderful pieces we have. If you need direction to help complete your look, talk to one of our complimentary interior designers who will be more than happy to help.

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