Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Geometry Modernizes Your Spaces

From rectangles to squares and triangles to trapezoids, geometric figures are always around us. We see them in the architecture that surrounds us, as well as in the furniture pieces in our home. These shapes are in our daily lives whether we notice them or not; however, recent trends have made these figures more noticeable in our furniture design. No longer hidden behind cabinet doors or intricate patterns, Tommy Bahama’s Ocean Club Collection has managed to accentuate these geometric forms, uncovering their beauty, effortlessly transforming shapes from basic to chic.
The Ocean Club Pacifica Wall Unit, found at Baer’s Furniture, is a perfect example of spatial sophistication. With a combination of differently sized squares and rectangles, this 3 piece set is perfect for any serene and tranquil entertainment area.
Baers Ocean Club Pacifica Wall Unit

The warm color of this wooden piece contrasts perfectly with a light-toned wall that peeks through the shelves. Just find the adequate pieces to show off and you can have a dynamic display to look at.
Another way Tommy Bahama’s Ocean Club Collection has successfully used rectangles and squares is through Ocean Clubs Formal Dining Room Group. In this set, the geometric shapes are displayed in a more elaborate sequence that exudes a modern feel. The metallic base of the circular table is conveniently paired with the wooden chairs through the structural similarities in their design. This dining table fits four comfortably and it’s great for any meal.
Baers Ocean Clubs Formal Dining Room Group
If you want to see other pieces that highlight geometry, visit us at www.baers.com or stop by one of our showrooms today. Our complimentary interior designers are more than happy to help you incorporate these elements into your home and will show you the best ways to display them.

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