Friday, October 28, 2016

Essential Furniture Pieces Every Home Needs

Beautiful rooms don’t just happen, they are built by layering smaller furnishings and accessories around carefully chosen classic, versatile pieces. The foundational pieces you select now will mean a more cohesive home design and fewer snags and regrets in the future. Knowing how to pick the five foundational pieces will keep your home looking stylish and put together for years to come.

essential armchair at Baers Furniture

The Armchair

Everyone needs a great armchair. When choosing an armchair, comfort is the most important feature. It makes sense to choose neutral upholstery since this is a piece you’ll probably take with you as you move. However, classic red never goes out of style and can add some welcome color in your space. Classic English roll-arm style is great for curling up with a good book or watching TV. It is a style that will ground any room you use it in. However, if modern or industrial is your thing, there are plenty of comfortable ones to choose from.

The Sofa

Since a sofa is one of the largest purchases for your home, not to mention the focal point of your living room or family room, you might want to play it safe. You can always change the look of the room with accessories, pillows, area rugs, and throws. A classic shape in a neutral color will be the most versatile. Then you can choose between loose cushions or tight back. Loose cushions give your room a casual vibe while tight black is a little more formal. Or you could choose leather, it’s kid-friendly, easy to clean, gets better with age, and never goes out of style.

The Dining Table

A beautifully weathered farmhouse table will always be in style. Or you may prefer a minimalist metal table. If you entertain a lot, be sure to get a table that has leaves so you can extend it when needed. If you live in a condo or have a small dining room, go for a round table, it can easily fit in tight spaces with room for chairs.

tommy bahama bed at Baers

The Bed

An upholstered headboard in an unusual shape adds an aura of elegance to your bedroom and is perfect if you like to read in bed. This is where you rest and relax, so be sure to choose a bed that creates the mood you want. Or look for a bed that fuses eclectic design, exotic materials, and rich finishes for a new take on traditional style. More importantly, be sure to choose a mattress that gives you the right support – getting a good night’s sleep will change how you walk through your day.

Hidden Storage

Who doesn’t need more storage? A beautiful chest or dresser will be at home anywhere – tucked into an entryway, living room or bedroom. They can even be used in a large bathroom if you are short on storage. If you like mid-century modern, look for a chest or sideboard. IF you want something fancier, look for a highly polished traditional piece to give your home that posh, decorator touch.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Read Reviews from Happy Baer’s Furniture Customers

Baer’s Furniture built their business on supplying quality furniture from famous brands at the guaranteed best price possible. However, providing top-notch customer service is also a pillar of their success. A flourishing family business for 4 generations, Baer’s has strong ties to the customers and community they serve. Read the Baer’s Furniture reviews below to find out more about Baer’s commitment to customer service.

Customer Service Successes

Baer’s attributes their success to the team members who represent their brand. They know that customers can be overwhelmed with information when they enter a Baer’s Furniture store. Upon entering a Baer’s location, customers are greeted by a team member who genuinely wants to help them find the perfect piece for their home. Customers are welcome to roam the store on a voyage of discovery, knowing that a team member is always close by to guide them through the process and answer any questions they might have.

“Everyone was great! My salesperson quit the day I was buying but her associate picked it up and took good care of me!”
– Joy R.

“Great selection, helpful sales staff, and delivery was right on time. Extremely happy!"
– Tammy S.

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Florida Inspired Living

While providing the best customer experience possible is a key part of the Baer’s mission, another important part is providing the best prices on famous brands such as Tommy Bahama, Bernhardt, Natuzzi Editions, Thomasville, Hooker, Lexington, Paula Deen, Universal, and more. Known as the headquarters for Florida inspired living, it is the number one destination for Tommy Bahama furniture nationwide.

“Huge selection … Would definitely return and recommend.”
 – Lora H

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Interior Design Service

Baer’s is committed to providing their customers with quality furniture that will last. This philosophy is evidenced in the complimentary design service that makes furniture buying easier. Their team of experienced design professionals can tackle any project large or small. They will ensure the concept you have for your home becomes a reality. If you think of furniture when you think of Baer’s, you are not alone. However, Baer’s carries everything you need for a one-room or whole-house makeover.

“… What I like the most was the in house design department they have.”
– Jay C.

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“We love Baer's! … When you need help placing furniture ask Jean Weymss … she came up with a layout that we never in a million years would have thought about.”
 – Kelly Bergen

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Family and Community

The Baer’s team works tirelessly to make sure that their customers not only enjoy their furniture buying experience but that they actually enjoy their furniture. When you visit a Bear’s location, you often hear customers being greeted as if they are old friends and treated as if they are family. A 4th generation business, Baer’s is acutely aware of the synergy between employees and community that has kept the business strong. They are unwavering in their commitment to providing quality furniture at affordable prices.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Coastal Style for Casual Living

If you love casual coastal style, you are in good company. This simple, unpretentious look is based on a few basic principles. A casual coastal style home is carefully planned and thought out, but never seems contrived, matchy-mathcy, stuffy, or formal. Below is a list of elements that you can use to create a casual, coastal style space in your home.

Color, Texture, and Pattern

Beginning with a plan of action will make the entire process go much more smoothly. And to begin to create your space, you need to choose your color palette. Generally, softer sea- and beach-inspired shades such as aqua, teal, navy blue, and greens with neutrals are used. Although usually softer shades are used more often than bold ones, but it’s your space, so choose what pleases you the most. Just keep in mind how the depth of intensity in a color can influence the mood in a space.

If you have a larger space that can accommodate a bolder look, use deeper shades on the walls. If you want a softer look, keep the walls and floors neutral and use patterns, textures, and colors on the accent pieces. The dining room above is very simple in terms of colors, but the patterns and textures of the accent pieces keep the look from becoming boring.

Flooring for Casual Coastal Style

Your flooring options are truly endless, so consider the purpose of the room when making your choices. Wood or wood laminates create warmth and are always a good choice. If you like carpet, choose one with a light texture or tight weave. You can always layer an area rug for depth and interest. In fact, area rugs are a good choice to pair with tile and wood floors to warm up the space. The style thought is easy, uncomplicated, simple living.

coastal casual living room from Baer's

Furniture Selection

Furnishing your home is where the real fun begins. You can include painted or natural wood finishes, bamboo, wicker, iron, bamboo, or a mixture or all of these will work. The woven panel bed above demonstrates how the mix of textures and finishes works in this style. The look is not a formal one where everything is coordinated, so as your pieces “go” they don’t have to “match”. Painted furniture that shows some wear and tear also adds to appeal of casual coastal style. Upholstered pieces also go well and can give your rooms a casual, relaxed vibe.

Coastal Style Accessories

Accessories add the finishing touches to the design of your space and can truly give your home a unique look. This is where you can make the style personal by displaying your collections or artwork. Or, if you prefer a lighter touch, just use a few special pieces that are important to you. You can also use unexpected accents, such as the fun prints in the room above, to let the space reflect your personality.

Your interpretation of coastal style may turn out to be very different than any of the examples here. Hopefully, these tips can make it easier for you to get the style you want. Or, if you would like a design professional to help you achieve the look, take advantage of the free interior design service available at the Baer’s Showroom near you. 

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Foolproof Patio Design Ideas for Entertaining All Year Long

In Florida you can take advantage of the wonderful weather all year long.  This means you can use your patio every day of the year, if you wish. One of the best ways to make your patio warm and inviting, yet cool and chic, is to bring the indoors outside. Try any or all of the tips below to turn your patio into one of your favorite places to relax.

tommy bahama island estate lanai fire pit

Create Atmosphere

Use candles to set the mood, just as you would in an indoor space. Candles, lanterns, or torches scattered around your yard and patio create an indoor atmosphere and intimacy. Glass cylinders make great candle holders, or you can put hurricane glass shades around your candles. If you have a fire pit, such as the Island Estate Lanai Fire Pit Set from Tommy Bahama, don’t be afraid to use it all year round. It features a service area with ample room and adds exotic appeal with its hexagonal weatherstone top. When entertaining, add a cocktail tray with glassware, mixers, and garnishes. This will also add to the indoor vibe of your outdoor space.

Hang Curtains

Curtains add functionality and aesthetic appeal to your patio or porch. Traditionally for interiors, curtains can help make an outdoor space feel intimate and cozy. In addition to adding a decorative touch to the space, they create shade on the sunniest of Florida days, shelter guests from windy weather, and provide intimacy during social gatherings.

tommy bahama outdoor furniture sofa

The Right Furniture

Increasingly you can find outdoor furniture that looks like indoor furniture. Instead of uncomfortable metal sofas, you can opt for outdoor furniture with soft, comfortable cushions and sturdy construction that can withstand the elements all year round. Consider using something that looks like it would be at home in your living room or den. Upholstered in Sunbrella Performance Outdoor Fabric, the Island Estate Lanai Scatterback Sofa by Tommy Bahama offers comfort and style as well as durability.


Just as you carefully choose textiles for your indoor furniture, you should be choosy about what you put in your outdoor room. The right textiles will help you recreate the comfort and warmth of an indoor space. Above, the five cushions that make up the back of the sofa look like indoor pillows, and so really solidify the indoor look you are going for.

Finishing Touches

Once you have your foundation, add some finishing touches. Accessorize, just as you would any room. An area rug can pull the space together, a chandelier can add elegance, and flowers add a little freshness. Depending on how the space will be used, you can even add a TV.

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Home Design that Maximizes Your Living Room Space with Natuzzi Editions

Every home needs more space, regardless of how large or how small. Have you ever noticed that the family room or living room is usually the messiest room in the house? These rooms are high traffic areas, with family watching TV, friend dropping over, and you lounging on the sofa to read or watch the game. If you’ve been wondering how to create more space to make your home more feel more welcoming and spacious, below are a few tips on how to style the a room with leather furniture from Natuzzi Editions that might give you inspiration.
travis colleection letther furniture

Let Your Room Breathe

Your living room needs space to breathe, so place the couch a few inches away from the wall to make your room seem more spacious. Use multifunctional furniture such as ottomans with storage and coffee tables with open shelving or drawers. This will give you space when your busiest f room is full of people. Also consider pieces that can be used as stealth seating for entertaining such as stools, ottomans, and sturdy side tables. An ottoman can be used as either a coffee table or extra seating.

Seating Options

Consider size and depth when choosing a couch, such as the white leather sofa from Natuzzi Editions. It provides comfortable seating that will complement almost any décor. The box seat cushions give your family and friends durable support. If you have the space, longer sofas can also provide additional seating, but are best used in a floating space plan where two identical couches are positioned across from each other in the center of a room. They then need to be balanced with a long coffee table.
baers's furniture natuzzi headquarters
 Benches can also serve dual functions in your home décor. Try buying two benches that coordinate with the design of your living room, and place one or both at the foot of beds in your home. Then when additional seating is needed, you can easily move the benches into the living room and you will still have a cohesive looking space instead of a mishmash of piece pulled from the garage or back porch.


Try adding shelving on the wall behind the sofa, either built-ins or matching book cases. Here you can display books, art, and collectables in a way that shows your style. It keeps table tops clutter free and provides a home for all the items you wish to show off.

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