Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Make Your Dresser the Center of Your Bedroom | Baer's Furniture

When you walk into your bedroom, does a certain piece of furniture catch your eye? Perhaps there's a chair with a bold pattern or an oversized chandelier? Whatever the eye-catching piece may be, it's very important that you have one. Why? Well, every room in a home needs a furniture piece that will show off your personality and style, so it's crucial that you include something in your bedroom — a.k.a. your sanctuary — that shows off who you are. The perfect statement piece for a bedroom? While some love a bed, we want to show you how you can make your dresser the star of the show.

What is a Statement Piece?

You might wonder what sort of "statement" you want and/or need to make with a dresser. It's completely up to you! But before you choose, let's go over some of the functions of a statement piece of furniture: 

  • Incorporates your personality into the space 
  • Brings your personal experiences into your home and evokes joy 
  • Acts as an interesting conversation piece 
  • Serves as the jumping-off point for a design scheme 
  • Anchors the room by providing style and flair to the other pieces 

In short, a statement piece is supposed to stand out. While there are technically no written rules in furniture design and decor, it's a bit of an unspoken one that you should only have one to two statement pieces in a space. When styling your bedroom, you'll want to keep in mind that this is smaller than your living room and most likely should only have the dresser or the bed as the focal point. 

What Should I Look For in a Statement Dresser?

A statement dresser should both elevate the space and tie everything together. It's best to purchase something that complements the other pieces in terms of color, texture, and style. Something most statement dressers have in common is drawer handles that have a distinct look about them. These handles could be made of crystals, steel, or mixed metal, or they could just have a fun pattern.

A Unique Texture/Style

Texture can certainly set a piece of furniture apart, especially if it's accompanied by a specific pattern as well. The key is to select something that enhances the space and doesn't clash. Experts recommend choosing a texture that complements the vibe of the room — for example, this Bernhardt Trianon Dresser has distressed gray wood, which highlights the floors and wall space without clashing with other patterns in the room. If you were looking for something more smooth and geometric, consider this Bernhardt Axiom contemporary dresser, which features a pattern of shapes that make the piece look more three-dimensional.

A Distinct Set of Handles

If you can't find a dresser with a fun pop of color or a unique texture, try looking for a monochromatic piece that features an eccentric set of handles. Sometimes, this is actually all a piece needs to be distinctive enough to make a statement. If you look at this Miranda Kerr Universal Love. Joy. Bliss. drawer chest, you'll see how its gold flower handles and bottom structure are just enough to set it apart and allow it to take the spotlight of the space. The white and gold complement the wall and are also cohesive with the pink velvet loveseat on the side. This Fusion Heron Island Asian-inspired dresser also serves as a good example as to how drawer handles alone can transform a simple piece into a statement piece. The innovative handles on this dresser combine to create a large decorative rectangle.

A Sense of Timelessness

Lastly, make sure you select something that feels sentimental and classic. Any classic dresser piece will be cohesive with most aesthetics and visions – even an antique one from your grandmother's house could work! 

Anyone can make their room more personalized and fun through the use of a statement dresser, as long as you know what to look for! If you stay true to your own style and choose something that complements the other pieces and color tones, you can't go wrong. As one of the most popular brands in Florida, Baer's Furniture offers a wide selection of statement dressers, as well as other types of pieces, to help make your space more unique. Shop Baer's today!