Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Baer’s Fall Zen Classics

Summer is ending and the temperatures are starting to cool down. The bristling wind, beautifully colored foliage and crisp air of the incoming fall season creates a very peaceful ambiance that is welcomed after a fun-filled summer. The essence of fall creates a Zen everybody should try and emulate into their homes. You can bring fall’s Zen into your bedroom with some beautiful pieces found in a Baer’s showroom near you.
The Island Fusion Mandarin King Upholstered Panel Bed is a clean-lined contemporary bed panel that keeps your room warm and cozy. Its simple white upholstered bed panel is held by wood finished bed posts that bring the colors of fall into the room. The two hickory wood horizontal lines create a stunning visual contrast that compares to the multicolored landscapes outside. You can pair it with any of your favorite autumn colors to embody the serenity you encounter every time you step outside of your home. When you come back indoors, you can be excited to lie in the peaceful ambiance created by this Zen inspired furniture piece found in a Baer’s showroom near you.

For more beautiful classic pieces like the Island Fusion from Tommy Bahama, visit www.baers.com or a Baer’s showroom today! We have the latest trends and designs for the upcoming fall season that will help bring the Zen you need into your room. Consult with one of our complimentary interior designers to see they can help bring in the peace you are looking for.

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