Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Furniture For An Accent Wall

A unique design you frequently find in Florida homes are accent walls. These types of walls are a part of a modern design trend that make a wall the visual center point of the room. They are bright, demand attention, but most of all, add a lot of personality to a space making it a fun and lively. It’s an entertaining, eye-catching visual that adds depth to any space. Complimenting these walls with the right piece of furniture may be tough for some. You don’t want to draw too much attention away from the beauty of the accent wall, however you don’t want the furniture to be mundane either. So how do you do it?
Our first recommendation is to let the accent wall stand-out by choosing single-toned neutral furniture sets that will subtly compliment the color of your wall. At Baer’s we believe that you can’t go wrong with Tommy Bahama, so we suggest you try this Bai Hai Shoreline sofa from Tommy Bahama that has a light fabric with a solid wood trim.
baers Bai Hai Shoreline sofa from Tommy Baham

Items like this Thomasville Manuscript Drawer Dresser found exclusively at Baer’s Furniture, would look amazing on an accent wall. Its clean lines and simplistic elegance will not distract attention from the main focal point.
baers Thomasville Manuscript Drawer Dresser
If you are still struggling with finding the perfect complimentary pieces for your standout accent wall, visit us today at www.baers.com or one of our 16 locations. At Baer’s we make it easy for you to make the right decision in furniture by offering our complimentary professional interior designers. They will lead you in the right direction to choose an elegant furniture collection that highlights your accent wall and elevates your entire space.

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