Thursday, September 3, 2015

Practical and Glamorous Furniture

It’s not uncommon to believe that functional furniture pieces are purpose orientated while luxurious objects tend to be more visually captivating, yet they both come harmoniously together with Baer’s select styles. The Sanctuary collection introduces glamour with its wooden craftsmanship and mirrored elements that add a sparkle to the entire room. Who would have thought that the most eye-catching piece in the room could also be the most practical! Storage, organization and elegance are the following pieces’ main goals.
Baers Sanctuary Two-Door Two-Drawer Armoire with Mirror Front

It’s hard to believe that, already radiant with style and sophistication, the Sanctuary Two-Door Two-Drawer Armoire with Mirror Front is more functional than anything else. Behind the pristine glass doors you will be able to put away items on two large shelves and utilize the clothing rod for your more delicate pieces. Its two large bottom cabinets are also perfect for clothing or storage. If you want to be very creative, you can also store your TV set and consoles in this chest.
The other practical aspect about this armoire is the reflecting qualities which can be used as a substitute for a mirror. This piece also reflects the surrounding furniture and room amplifying all of its chic qualities. The light reflected by this chest will brighten up any room.

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