Tuesday, March 23, 2021

7 Most Inspiring Florida Décor Instagrams


Florida home décor has its beginning in early homes built to take advantage of ocean breezes and Florida’s temperate winters. These homes often featured verandas and wrap-around porches that provide shade outside and coolness inside.

Sailors and travelers from across the ocean brought tropical and island inspiration to Florida interior design. These influences are seen in the furniture, colors, and eclectic mix of styles that comprise Florida décor.

Styles That Mix Well with Florida House Décor

Mediterranean, tropical, mid-century modern, and coastal styles mix remarkably well in Florida interior design. They reflect the cool, breezy feel of the region. The ideal interior décor will highlight sprawling interior spaces and an abundance of windows that let in plenty of natural light.

Where to Find Florida Decorating Ideas and Inspiration

Florida is a big state with myriad influences that encompass numerous design styles. Inspiration for Florida interiors can be found everywhere, from lush tropical landscaping to Mediterranean and Art Deco architecture.

One of the best places to find inspiration is on Instagram. This highly visual platform makes it easy to find tons of Florida design accounts and follow them for Florida decorating ideas.

1) Baer’s Furniture

Filled with images of laid-back coastal style, wicker and rattan furniture as well as designs with a modern flair, there’s no better place to begin your search for inspiration than scrolling through this account.

Florida-style furniture reflects the easy, breezy casual vibe of seaside living. Clean modern lines and pops of color tie these looks together. You’ll find plenty of Florida decorating ideas to make your heart go pitter-patter.

2) Interiors by Brown

Interiors by Brown curates a stunning collection of images highlighting Florida style in all its glory.

These sleek, unfussy interiors focus on rich texture and high contrast. Not quite traditional, not quite transitional, they are totally Florida.

3) Claudia Leah Design

On Claudia Leah's profile, gorgeous images showcase the rich variety found in the Florida color palette. Each image is a meticulously framed celebration of style and color. Her neutrals are anything but neural and her colors really pop.

4) Gulfstream Design

With a name like Gulfstream Design, you know you’re going to see fresh vibrant color mixes, textured neutral spaces, and everything in between.

In this post, natural materials play nicely with gorgeous wallpaper featuring huge tropical prints. You can’t get more Florida than that.

5) Jessica Mendes Design

If color is not your thing but you are afraid a neutral palette will be boring, scroll through Jessica Mendes Design's profile to view alluringly beautiful neutral spaces.

You’ll be inspired by this post that shows how the natural textures of wicker lights and woven seats complement richly stunning marble and pure white walls.

6) Trade Mark Interiors

Modern, warm, and comfortable describes the looks by Trade Mark Interiors. This profile provides plenty of inspiration for anyone whose aesthetic is stylishly homey. The perfect mix of color and texture combines in designs that are refined and inviting.

7) Okkla Realty

Looking for bold colors and compelling patterns?

Look no further than the feed of Okkla Realty. Time spent scrolling through these images is truly time well spent. You find inspiring ways to update and style your home in ways that express your personality.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Are Accent Walls Still a Thing? Spoiler Alert: Yes.

Rumors that accent walls are on their way out are greatly exaggerated, as evidenced by their resurgence this past year. This trend is expected to continue beyond 2021.

Accent walls are a fun and relatively easy way to spice things up in your living room, dining room, or bedroom. If you are thinking about adding a little extra interest to a room in your home, check out these accent wall ideas.

Make a Design Statement in Your Home

When done well, accent walls are a stunning feature in your home. They make a powerful design statement that draws the eye to a specific part of the room. Not only do they create a focal point in the space, but they also give you a chance to play with textures and colors that you may not want on all four walls.

With this in mind, don't be afraid to use a bold color or pattern on your accent wall. Choosing a bold, bright color makes the wall stand out, which is precisely what you want. If you are a little hesitant to use bold color, go with a color that is several shades darker than the color on the rest of the walls. The goal is to make the difference obvious, otherwise, your accent wall won't stand out.

Choose the Right Wall

Once you've decided on the color or pattern for your accent wall, you need to decide which wall will be the accent wall. Find the room's natural focal point; this will be the best place for an accent wall.

In a living room, the focal point is generally the wall the couch is against, but it could also be the wall with built-in shelves, the TV, or the fireplace.

In the bedroom, the accent wall is the wall with the bed, and bathroom accent walls are generally behind the bathtub or vanity or in the shower.

You can add an accent wall in any space you want to pop, but we recommend only one accent wall per room or they will compete with each other. You can add accent walls to more than one room in a house.

Color Combinations for Accent Walls

Draw color inspiration for your accent wall from the existing color palette in the room. If you have a rug or upholstered furniture, try pulling a color out of the palette featured in the pattern. If you have a solid color sofa, try a contrasting color on the wall behind it.

Types of Accent Wall Materials

There's more to accent walls than paint, although that is the fastest and easiest option. Other ways to create an accent wall include wood, wallpaper, or stone.

Painted Accent Walls

The easiest way to change the look of a room is to paint one wall a bold color. But that's not the only way.

Think about creating a pattern with two shades of the same color. Try a deep purple with another purple two or three shades lighter. Paint the wall with the darker shade, then using painter tape, tape off simple stripes or get funky with a geometric pattern. Then paint over it with the lighter shade, remove the tape, and you have a tone-on-tone pattern on your beautiful accent wall in your living room.

Wood Accent Walls

There are many ways to add a wood accent wall to your home décor - from shiplap to millwork to reclaimed planks. Wood accent walls are a safe way to add interest without bold color.

Wallpaper Accent Walls

Wallpapering an entire room may seem intimidating, but one wall? With a little practice, you'll soon be a pro. There are so many wallpapers to choose from that you can evoke whatever mood you like in your space.

Stone Accent Walls

There’s nothing like the look of a stone accent wall color for adding texture, detail, and interest to a room. In a dining room, a stone accent wall makes a statement that catches everyone’s attention; in a bedroom, it adds warmth and depth to the space.

Are you considering adding an accent wall to your space? What materials and colors inspire you?

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