Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Choosing Leather Furniture That Matches Your Room Style

Leather furniture automatically becomes the centerpiece of whatever space you put it in. Just like any other furniture, leather pieces come in myriad styles, including traditional, transitional, modern, and more. Whatever you choose, when you go with leather, you are getting stylish, comfortable furniture that improves with age.

With all the furniture styles we have today, it's easy to get confused when it comes to the characteristics of each one. Here are some pointers to help you decide what kind of style reflects the décor in your home.

bernhardt leather couch at baer's furniture store

Hallmarks of Traditional Design

Traditional furniture can be recognized by:
  • Lots of detail and embellishments
  • 19th century or earlier aesthetic
  • A timeless, elegant, and luxurious design

Hallmarks of Transitional Design

Transitional furniture can be recognized by:
  • Blending the comfort of traditional with clean profiles
  • Balances warmth of traditional with understated colors
  • Gracious, streamlined, harmonious spaces

Hallmarks of Modern Design

Modern furniture can be recognized by:
  • Clean lines and bold geometric shapes and patterns
  • Urban aesthetic
  • Focus on function over embellishments

Hallmarks of Contemporary Design

Contemporary furniture can be recognized by:
  • Popular or used right now
  • Changes and borrows styles from different eras
  • Isn’t tied down to any one specific style
leather sofa at baer's furniture

How to Add Leather Furniture that Suits Your Style

Since leather furniture lasts for decades, look for a style that you will still adore 20 years from now. A classic piece might be the way to go; they are called classic for a reason. You can fit them into almost any design style without too much trouble. Here are four possible approaches to adding leather furniture into your design.

Leather for Traditional Style Décor

Match a classic frame with a classic color. If you prefer something really traditional, this is probably the approach for you. A chocolate brown chesterfield sofa for your living room or den, or a leather office chair would probably fit in with your current decor.

Leather for Transitional Style Décor

Mix a classic frame with a contemporary color. There are so many colors to choose from in leather furniture these days. You can refresh a classic shape with a hip color such as turquoise, pink, or green. Or pick one from your room’s current palette to create a cohesive design aesthetic. Mixing classic shapes with modern colors can make a traditional space more exciting.

Leather for Modern Style Décor

Cover a modern frame with a classic color. Try a classic color such as brown, tan, or black on an ottoman with acrylic and brass legs. Leather is supremely sexy, and when you put a classic color on a contemporary or modern frame, you’re pushing the boundaries in just the right way.

Leather for Contemporary Style Décor

Cover a contemporary frame with a contemporary color. Try a sofa with clean, straight lines in deep blue or provocative purple leather. Put this against a light blue wall for a stunning effect.

Whenever you choose leather furniture, you are making a statement. You can show off with a flashy red leather sofa or add a subtle touch with a classic brown leather side chair. Make sure what you are getting is 100% genuine leather. Terms such as “bonded leather”, “leather-like”, and “feel of leather” indicate that what you are looking at is probably not 100% leather.

Using these approaches, you can mix and match styles and colors to get the look you desire that fits your décor personality. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll be adding a touch of timelessness.

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