Monday, July 13, 2015

The Right Furniture For Petowners

Choosing furniture for your home when you have pets can be a tricky task. As all pet owners know, sometimes our pets forget they are pets and want to enjoy our furniture as much as we do. That’s why it is so important to choose the right furniture that is both comfortable and durable.

Contrasting Colors

The color fur of your dog may place a huge factor into which color furniture you choose. If your dog has dark fur, you may want to steer clear from lighter fabrics that you would have to clean more often. Same goes for lighter fur, for example if your pet has golden fur, then a neutral crème colored piece may work best for you. With any fabric color you choose, we recommend highly washable fabrics, because in the warm Florida climate all pets will shed and you want to make sure that your entire family can enjoy a clean relaxing space. Consult with one of Baer’s professional designers and let us help you choose the right fabric for your home that will allow your furry friends to enjoy your furniture just as much as the rest of your family.

Use Small Pieces as Protective Barriers

Incorporating small pieces like ottomans and bookshelves helps protect certain areas of your room. Strategically using these pieces to shield other items in your room, like an expensive statue or travel memoir, can save the most emotionally or financially expensive items. If these pieces are in front of them, then they will act as a body guard to those items you hold dearest. If your pet can’t get to these items, it lessens the threat of them breaking.

Accentuate the Positives

There are so many wonderful things about having a pet. The unconditional love that they give u, and the joy that we feel when we are welcomed home after a long day. What better way to show everyone in your home that you love them than by displaying pictures and keepsakes on an entryway table so that your guests know right when they walk in how special your family is to you. At Baer’s we have a wide variety of sofa tables, display cases and entry tables that can do just that.
Visit or a Baer’s showroom near you and consult with a professional designer today to find out which of our pieces can help you make your home a pet-friendly sanctuary! Check out reviews of Baers furniture online or come in today to check it out for yourself.

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