Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tips For Small Spaces

Some rooms in your home might not be as large as you want and you may find it difficult to decorate them without making them look cluttered. When spaces have a low ceiling it can also appear to significantly reduce the size of a room. When you’re working with spaces like these, you need to find unique ways to incorporate your furniture décor without making the room appear less spacious than it already is.
One trick that can help you make the room appear larger is by having low contrast between your furniture and wall décor. When you set up a space in this manner, the furniture pieces will blend in with the room creating the impression that they’re not as big as they are. A great example of this is the Wakefield Three-Door Distressed Buffet by Hooker Furniture. With its backless shelves and rustic design, this piece works well in creating a display area that seems to be a natural part of the room. Another great element about this piece is the storage it provides!
Hooker Furniture Wakefield Distressed Buffet and Dining Set

Its old-style wood work brings a certain Je ne sais quoi to your space. Combining it with tonal rugs will add continuity to its visually minimizing style. You might want to accessorize this piece with colorful flowers and plants, or add clear pieces and candles, but make sure not to over accessorize or you will just be creating more clutter.
If you have a small space, remember to avoid dark furniture which can actually appear bulkier and take over a room. Another good tip is to add mirrors to fool the eye’s depth perception.
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