Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Minimalist Taste, Huge Style

One of the most sought after trends that we are seeing at Baer’s Furniture this year includes minimal overall designs, spiced up with simple details. The idea of maintaining a minimalist design lies in finding furniture that does not draw attention with various colors, sizes or shapes but rather focuses on an understated elegance utilizing small trims and finishes that elevate the piece. If you’re looking to appeal to a minimalist taste, look to collections such as Stanley’s Preserve or Broyhill’s Seabrooke.
Including small accents in either the woodwork or fabric of your furniture is a great idea minimalists can incorporate for a stylish design. The Preserve Collection by Stanely is a great example by offering clean lines accented by antiqued hues and hand scored trim. Its aged look brings in a vintage style that adds personality and enhances any minimalist design.
baers The Preserve Collection

Living in South Florida, we all dream of relaxing in the sun and wasting away listening to the cool sounds of the ocean waves. There is no better way to rid yourself of the complexity of your daily life than to come home to a true minimalist beach house. That is why the Seabrooke Collection by Broyhill is another standout when creating a relaxing minimalist space. Its simple designs are brought together by slotted trim, featuring a one-toned white hue that is versatile with any beach cottage design.
baers Seabrooke Collection by Broyhill
If you need any advice on how to further your minimalist taste or bring out the best in your design, visit www.baers.com or a Baer’s showroom today and see how our complimentary personal designers can help you.

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