Monday, June 8, 2015

Color Combinations to Try Outdoors

Adding colors to you indoor furniture is simple because you can control most of the factors that are inside. Keeping your outside looking bright, vibrant and new is a little more difficult. To get you started on the perfect outdoor look, here are three color combinations that may help you add some pop to your outdoor furniture.

Tones of Orange

Break away from the tradition of wicker furniture. Instead, find furniture with durability that brings out the natural looks of Florida. For example, the Kingstown Sedona 6 Piece Patio Set with Accent Table from Tommy Bahama compliments the foliage green hues with its design and colors. The orange contrasts the green in your landscaping with a controlled pop of color, allowing the furniture to stand out with a personality all its own.
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Breezy Blues

Living by the water is one of the advantages Floridians have. There is no better way to show off having one of the greatest luxuries in the world by adding some blue into the design as well? The Island Estate Lanai Outdoor Woven Wicker Lounge Chair & Ottoman with Throw Pillow by Tommy Bahama is not overwhelmed by the blue tones, but it allows the water to translate into a comfortable area where everybody can gather and enjoy the beautiful weather together.
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Sunny Yellows

What better way to praise our “Sunshine State” by allowing its vibrant yellows to shine through. The Island Estate Lanai Outdoor Woven Wicker Round Storage Ottoman by Tommy Bahamas perfectly shows us that we don’t always need to be sun-bathing to appreciate the sun, but we can reflect its beautiful colors in our furniture.
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As the old saying goes, “If you got it, flaunt it,” and we have Florida, so why not show-it off? Let one of our in-store design professionals help you flaunt it. Visit Baers Furniture today at for more details.

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