Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Minimalist Taste, Huge Style

One of the most sought after trends that we are seeing at Baer’s Furniture this year includes minimal overall designs, spiced up with simple details. The idea of maintaining a minimalist design lies in finding furniture that does not draw attention with various colors, sizes or shapes but rather focuses on an understated elegance utilizing small trims and finishes that elevate the piece. If you’re looking to appeal to a minimalist taste, look to collections such as Stanley’s Preserve or Broyhill’s Seabrooke.
Including small accents in either the woodwork or fabric of your furniture is a great idea minimalists can incorporate for a stylish design. The Preserve Collection by Stanely is a great example by offering clean lines accented by antiqued hues and hand scored trim. Its aged look brings in a vintage style that adds personality and enhances any minimalist design.
baers The Preserve Collection

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Stay Simple with Solid Colors

One trend that is rising among homeowners is keeping their furniture designs simple. One-tone fabrics are very popular among interior designs not only because of personal taste, but because of their simplicity and versatility. Neutral, single toned furniture can allow your wall color and accent pieces to be the main focus of your room. Utilizing simple larger furniture will allow you to display and call attention to some of your favorite travel treasures or family photos. If you have furniture with a lot of design and color, it may draw attention to itself, derailing the focus from your personal family stories that make your house a home.
If you are looking for simplicity and clean lines, our Baer’s professional designers recommend the Thomasville Upholstery Highlife 3 Seat Stationary Sofa. This attractive sofa is has the sophistication and elegance to class up any living room.
Baers Thomasville Upholstery Highlife 3 Seat Stationary Sofa

Furniture For An Accent Wall

A unique design you frequently find in Florida homes are accent walls. These types of walls are a part of a modern design trend that make a wall the visual center point of the room. They are bright, demand attention, but most of all, add a lot of personality to a space making it a fun and lively. It’s an entertaining, eye-catching visual that adds depth to any space. Complimenting these walls with the right piece of furniture may be tough for some. You don’t want to draw too much attention away from the beauty of the accent wall, however you don’t want the furniture to be mundane either. So how do you do it?
Our first recommendation is to let the accent wall stand-out by choosing single-toned neutral furniture sets that will subtly compliment the color of your wall. At Baer’s we believe that you can’t go wrong with Tommy Bahama, so we suggest you try this Bai Hai Shoreline sofa from Tommy Bahama that has a light fabric with a solid wood trim.
baers Bai Hai Shoreline sofa from Tommy Baham

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Baer’s Comfort And Design

You love to spoil your kids and pets.  At Baer’s, customer satisfaction is our top priority and we understand it is sometimes necessary to give the things you love dearest the most attention. But what about spending some time and attention on yourself and your comfort? Your bed is one of the most sought out items in your room. It is your gate to relaxation, calmness, and the medium for a good night’s rest. At Baer’s, beds are our specialty and we take comfort in knowing that we can provide you with top of line bedroom options to make you feel like you’re on vacation all year round.
One of the oldest traditions, but still a favorite of our Baer’s professional interior designers is the four-poster bed, and no one does it better when it comes to luxury than Tommy Bahama. Baer’s features two of the most sought after Tommy Bahama collections in south Florida: Island Estate and Royal Kahala.
The Island Estate Queen-Sized West Indies Canopy Bed from the Tommy Bahama Island Estate Collection is classic, but adds a unique design with its sea grass fabric and bamboo-carved posters. This is a great example of a four post bed that would open up and add romance to a room.
Baers Queen-Sized West Indies Canopy Bed from the Tommy Bahama Island Estate Collection

Baer’s Classic Furniture Collections

At Baer’s Furniture we understand the importance of keeping it classy. We design our showrooms to do just that for all of our customers to create an experience they will enjoy, and we want to offer that same level of charm to your home. One of our favorite pairings here at Baer’s is  rustic charm with classic elements.  When it’s done correctly, the result is fantastic.
Lately, a lot of curious designers have been mixing the classic look of contemporary chairs, which focus on unique designs, with the eye-catch flair of a rustic table. The combinations fuse simplicity with personality, a look that has steadily grown throughout this year here at Baer’s.
A top pick of almost all Baer’s professional designers is the Solana Collection from Hooker Furniture. The Solana Host Chair with Upholstered Back and Tapered Legs is a simple two-toned piece of furniture that upgrades an old world feel into an intriguing design. Its delicate arms rests with wooden feet all comes together with the intrinsic back design that makes it a piece to see. The light creamy tones of the fabric with the thin trims of the chair make the rustic wooden look appear clean and delicate giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to furniture.
baers The Solana Host Chair with Upholstered Back and Tapered Leg

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Right Furniture For Petowners

Choosing furniture for your home when you have pets can be a tricky task. As all pet owners know, sometimes our pets forget they are pets and want to enjoy our furniture as much as we do. That’s why it is so important to choose the right furniture that is both comfortable and durable.

Contrasting Colors

The color fur of your dog may place a huge factor into which color furniture you choose. If your dog has dark fur, you may want to steer clear from lighter fabrics that you would have to clean more often. Same goes for lighter fur, for example if your pet has golden fur, then a neutral crème colored piece may work best for you. With any fabric color you choose, we recommend highly washable fabrics, because in the warm Florida climate all pets will shed and you want to make sure that your entire family can enjoy a clean relaxing space. Consult with one of Baer’s professional designers and let us help you choose the right fabric for your home that will allow your furry friends to enjoy your furniture just as much as the rest of your family.

Caring For Your Leather Furniture

Adding a leather couch into your house is the one piece of furniture every person dreams about. Only a few pieces can invite optimal relaxation in such a comforting and classic way as leather definitely can. However, make sure that you are taking the right steps to protect your newfound luxury from the wear and tear of your busy life and family.