Thursday, April 11, 2024

Turning Your Living Room Into a Home Gaming Center

 One of the many lessons the pandemic taught us is that you can have a lot of fun staying home and playing games. If you’re a committed gamer of one type or another, you may have decided to go all in and convert a room into a full-blown game center.

Non-Floridians often use their basements for just such a purpose, but because virtually no homes in Florida have basements, the possibility of a subterranean rumpus room is nonexistent. On the other hand, you may not want your living room to look like a strip mall arcade.

We consulted the Baer’s Furniture design team to assemble some guidelines for creating a gaming center in which adults can feel comfortable. As usual, the team didn’t let us down. 

Types of Games You Want to Play

Before you start picking out tables, cabinets, and recliners, you might want to think about the types of games that you want to play.

If you’re embedded in VR, you’ll want a floor plan that gives you plenty of space. A minimalist approach to your décor might be best.

If you’re more of a tabletop gamer, you might want to select a nice elevated pub table with some tasteful bar stools.

If you play console games, a reclining sectional that faces your television sets might be your furniture of choice. 

Measuring Your Space 

It might be fun to play laser tag in your living room, but you probably don’t have the room for it. Once you figure out how you want your room to incorporate your gaming, you need to determine the layout of the area. Some basic elements might include a table for playing board games, a pair of gaming chairs facing a wall-mounted television, or some open area for Twister or Oculus play.

That doesn’t mean you’re done. You might want somewhere to place a lamp or set down your cocktail, but figuring out the room layout is a great start. 


At some point, you may need your room to serve another function other than games. For example, if you have your family over for a holiday, not all of your guests may be as passionate about play as you are. If nothing else, a bar in the corner or maybe a sound system will add to the festive atmosphere of the room. 

Furnishing Your Living Room Gaming Space

You might have the impulse to empty the room out and just start playing, but we’re talking about a gaming space for adults. You’re going to eventually want to sit. For this, we recommend the unparalleled Large Opal Classic Chair from the Stressless Furniture Mike Collection (or anything from Stressless, really):

It is beautiful, compact, and you will feel like you’re floating when you sit in it — ideal for VR, video gaming, or just taking a nap. 

Again, because this is an adults’ playspace, we need to keep things neat and orderly. Having cables, boxes, and remotes strewn around the room is not the sophisticated look you’re going for. A console with wire management is an absolute requirement for any gaming room. Check out the Hooker Furniture Big Bang Entertainment Console with removable shelves. 

This beautiful storage piece has a bold pattern that enhances the excitement of gaming. It is also large enough to support a television of substantial proportions. 

If you think that your gaming room should also function as a social center, you can’t go wrong with a reclining sectional. It encourages close conversation, but it also has ample seating for sitting around a Monopoly board or playing on the TV.

We like this Natuzzi Editions Intenso Contemporary Power Sectional for an adult gaming center. Add a storage ottoman to the center as a playing surface and hide away your board game boxes. 

A Few Tips for Rounding Out Your Gaming Space

The devil is in the details, they say. Here are a few items that you don’t necessarily have to have but are nice add-ons for a well-rounded game room:

  • Dark curtains to eliminate glare on the TV 
  • Surround-sound speakers for a more immersive video-gaming experience
  • Area rugs because they’re nicer to stand on and they dampen the sound 
  • A dimmer switch for ambient lighting options
  • Oversized throw pillows or poufs make a nice touch for sitting around a game board on the coffee table

Always remember to avoid tackiness by investing in high-quality furniture at a Baer’s Furniture store near you

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