Friday, April 19, 2024

Hot Furniture Trends

 2023 was a lightning-fast year, and with a change in seasons upon us, we're excited to make some fresh changes to our interiors! These are a few of our favorite furniture trends right now - and we think you'll fall for them, too. 

The Continuing Evolution of Farmhouse 

If you have already embraced the coziness of farmhouse décor, you’re in luck. The farmhouse furniture motif is still alive and strong, but it is evolving. Modern Farmhouse is an emerging new look that has moved from naked wood with black iron details to a slightly more refined appearance, drawing from coastal, Scandinavian, and modern designs. 

A piece like the Palmetto Home Cane Bay Collection Coffee Table checks all of the right boxes. While it clearly would work in a coastal living room, it can also add that touch of lightness you’re looking for in Modern Farmhouse décor. 

The Long-Anticipated Arrival of Curvy Furniture

If you’ve grown tired of the razor-straight lines of the furniture that became so popular during the 2010s, you’re in luck. Supply interruptions and delayed purchases may have forestalled the move from straight to curvy, but this trend is finally ripe.

Circular and oval table tops, rounded legs and feet, and camel-back sofas with rolled arms are all de rigueur. The Tommy Bahama Home Bali Hai Quickship Shoreline Sofa has beautiful rolled arms, slopes forward at the base, and sits atop solid, curvy legs. These ornate fern leaf carvings make this sofa ideal for tropical or coastal décors.

Maximalism is In (but so is Minimalism)

There has been an explosion of maximalist styles over the past few years, but we believe minimalism still has legs. 

Maximalist styles like Dark Academia, Grandmillenial, Boho, and several other décor disciplines are going to keep being huge. Look for dark, heavy furniture for Dark Academia, brilliant floral patterns for Grandmillenial, and earthy tones or greens for Bohemian — and of course, tons of accessories for all of the above.

Speaking of Boho, the Loose Back Wicker Rum Chair would make a fantastic accent piece for your Bohemian room. Flank it with a few macrame plant holders, and your room is ready to relax and enjoy!

Why doesn’t this mean the end of minimalism? Because there are too many minimalist trends that remain extremely popular. Minimalism may not be for everyone, but it’s too popular (and practical) to go anywhere. That leaves you with a lot of choices. 

Texture Remains in Vogue

At Baer’s Furniture, we love decorating with textures. It adds space, dimension, and warmth to any decorative theme. Textures may not be a burning new trend, but they are going strong with no end in sight. Here are some of the popular ways you can include texture in your space. 

  • Furniture Accessories - Knitted or faux fur poufs, throw pillows, blankets and throws can all provide a soft feel and look to your furniture. Adding textured accessories can also break up the rigid lines of furniture pieces that may not go with the softer look that you’re trying to achieve. 
  • Wallpaper – Generally more expensive than a coat of paint, wallpaper can be a useful accent for adding texture to a room. The push toward maximalism allows you to explore creative options.
  • Rugs and Curtains – You can warm up a room with a large area rug or place several smaller rugs around for a more versatile look. 

Creating a Zen Space

If there are two home trends that have made it big this decade (so far), it’s the home office and home wellness spaces. Creating a quiet place for meditation and self-care has become an essential antidote for stressful times. 

It also gives you a fun option for smaller spaces since it doesn’t take a lot of room or furniture to create a self-care area. 

If you’re looking for “now” furniture in Florida, Baer’s Furniture is our go-to place for trend-setting furniture pieces. Their knowledgeable staff keeps abreast of the newest trends and highest quality furniture. Stop in at one of Baer’s many Florida furniture stores today!

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