Sunday, October 2, 2016

Home Design that Maximizes Your Living Room Space with Natuzzi Editions

Every home needs more space, regardless of how large or how small. Have you ever noticed that the family room or living room is usually the messiest room in the house? These rooms are high traffic areas, with family watching TV, friend dropping over, and you lounging on the sofa to read or watch the game. If you’ve been wondering how to create more space to make your home more feel more welcoming and spacious, below are a few tips on how to style the a room with leather furniture from Natuzzi Editions that might give you inspiration.
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Let Your Room Breathe

Your living room needs space to breathe, so place the couch a few inches away from the wall to make your room seem more spacious. Use multifunctional furniture such as ottomans with storage and coffee tables with open shelving or drawers. This will give you space when your busiest f room is full of people. Also consider pieces that can be used as stealth seating for entertaining such as stools, ottomans, and sturdy side tables. An ottoman can be used as either a coffee table or extra seating.

Seating Options

Consider size and depth when choosing a couch, such as the white leather sofa from Natuzzi Editions. It provides comfortable seating that will complement almost any décor. The box seat cushions give your family and friends durable support. If you have the space, longer sofas can also provide additional seating, but are best used in a floating space plan where two identical couches are positioned across from each other in the center of a room. They then need to be balanced with a long coffee table.
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 Benches can also serve dual functions in your home décor. Try buying two benches that coordinate with the design of your living room, and place one or both at the foot of beds in your home. Then when additional seating is needed, you can easily move the benches into the living room and you will still have a cohesive looking space instead of a mishmash of piece pulled from the garage or back porch.


Try adding shelving on the wall behind the sofa, either built-ins or matching book cases. Here you can display books, art, and collectables in a way that shows your style. It keeps table tops clutter free and provides a home for all the items you wish to show off.

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