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Sectional Sofas Provide Style and Function

Once mockingly called “conversation pits”, interest in sectional sofas is on the rise. And it's not hard to see why. With more people becoming "nesters", sectionals have become increasingly popular. They can be used to soft-divide a room and supply ample seating for entertaining and lounging. They can also be split up to create an intimate seating area or better traffic flow when necessary.
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Since sectionals can be large and bulky, creating a balanced arrangement can be tricky and intimidating. However, their strength is in their size and their versatility. Because they dominate their space and provide plenty of seating, you usually don't need many other pieces. The Design Your Own collection by Sherrill gives you the size and versatility sectional sofas are known for. You can customize your sectional by choosing your fabric as well as the arm and back style. The size of your room, your design preferences, and the needs of your home are just a few of the factors to keep in mind when choosing your sectional.

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Essentials of Sectional Sofas

The essential element to creating an effective layout is balance. Positioning a single chair across from the short end of the sectional will give you this balance. You can determine the ideal spot to place the chair by drawing imaginary lines from the each of the sectional's arms. Where these lines meet is the best place to put the chair. Although the sectional provides plenty of seating, putting a chair opposite it visually rounds out the space and allows for plenty of conversation opportunities. Grounding the space with an area rug keeps everything under control. The customizable sectional sofas in the Veronica Collection by Broyhill Furniture let you choose modular pieces that can create any configuration you wish.

Make the Layout Work for the Space

If you have a sectional and a chair and a half or a sofa that seats two, you can put the sofa or chair and a half across from the short end of the sectional. Then place three poufs or a small bench in front of the coffee table. Since the two-seater will be longer than the short end of the sectional, this will maintain equilibrium in the room.

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When working in smaller spaces that may require extra seating without blocking the view or the television, a large ottoman or two small ones placed across from the larger part of the sectional will allow unobstructed vision. Above, the corner sectional is offset by a pair of ottomans, all from the Take Five collection by Lexington. You can hide or replace the ottomans with a coffee table when they are not needed for overflow seating.

If you have a sectional that is the same length on each side, you can balance it by placing either smallish chairs or a largish one across from it. Again, position the chair on a diagonal, but this time it should be in the same plane as the sectional’s back. This will keep the feeling of the layout open.

Face the Challenges

Long, narrow spaces always present design challenges, and are no less tricky for sectional sofas. Your first thought might be to position the longer pieces of the sectional parallel to the wall and place additional seating – a couple of chairs, an oversize ottoman, or some poufs – across from the shorter end. Try using a rug to pull the space together and place your additional seating so that it faces the sectional. This will keep your space from seeming overcrowded.

If one sectional is good, then two are better, right? If you have a large space, consider two sectionals placed across from each other. This will give you a cozy room with all the seating you need. Or add several chairs and a couch and organize all the seating around a coffee table or two. This is an ideal arrangement for entertaining. You'll be making the best use of the large space with separate areas perfect for conversations.

Although a sectional can be made up of as few as two pieces, they generally contain 3 to 5 sections and can include recliners or chaises. They are great for bringing warmth and softness into modern spaces that can feel a bit cold. Whether the space you have is small or large, slick and modern or family friendly, there is a sectional and a layout that will work for you. Regardless of the layout you choose, remember to aim the television toward the sectional's center so that everyone has a decent view.

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