Monday, October 17, 2016

Coastal Style for Casual Living

If you love casual coastal style, you are in good company. This simple, unpretentious look is based on a few basic principles. A casual coastal style home is carefully planned and thought out, but never seems contrived, matchy-mathcy, stuffy, or formal. Below is a list of elements that you can use to create a casual, coastal style space in your home.

Color, Texture, and Pattern

Beginning with a plan of action will make the entire process go much more smoothly. And to begin to create your space, you need to choose your color palette. Generally, softer sea- and beach-inspired shades such as aqua, teal, navy blue, and greens with neutrals are used. Although usually softer shades are used more often than bold ones, but it’s your space, so choose what pleases you the most. Just keep in mind how the depth of intensity in a color can influence the mood in a space.

If you have a larger space that can accommodate a bolder look, use deeper shades on the walls. If you want a softer look, keep the walls and floors neutral and use patterns, textures, and colors on the accent pieces. The dining room above is very simple in terms of colors, but the patterns and textures of the accent pieces keep the look from becoming boring.

Flooring for Casual Coastal Style

Your flooring options are truly endless, so consider the purpose of the room when making your choices. Wood or wood laminates create warmth and are always a good choice. If you like carpet, choose one with a light texture or tight weave. You can always layer an area rug for depth and interest. In fact, area rugs are a good choice to pair with tile and wood floors to warm up the space. The style thought is easy, uncomplicated, simple living.

coastal casual living room from Baer's

Furniture Selection

Furnishing your home is where the real fun begins. You can include painted or natural wood finishes, bamboo, wicker, iron, bamboo, or a mixture or all of these will work. The woven panel bed above demonstrates how the mix of textures and finishes works in this style. The look is not a formal one where everything is coordinated, so as your pieces “go” they don’t have to “match”. Painted furniture that shows some wear and tear also adds to appeal of casual coastal style. Upholstered pieces also go well and can give your rooms a casual, relaxed vibe.

Coastal Style Accessories

Accessories add the finishing touches to the design of your space and can truly give your home a unique look. This is where you can make the style personal by displaying your collections or artwork. Or, if you prefer a lighter touch, just use a few special pieces that are important to you. You can also use unexpected accents, such as the fun prints in the room above, to let the space reflect your personality.

Your interpretation of coastal style may turn out to be very different than any of the examples here. Hopefully, these tips can make it easier for you to get the style you want. Or, if you would like a design professional to help you achieve the look, take advantage of the free interior design service available at the Baer’s Showroom near you. 

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