Friday, October 28, 2016

Essential Furniture Pieces Every Home Needs

Beautiful rooms don’t just happen, they are built by layering smaller furnishings and accessories around carefully chosen classic, versatile pieces. The foundational pieces you select now will mean a more cohesive home design and fewer snags and regrets in the future. Knowing how to pick the five foundational pieces will keep your home looking stylish and put together for years to come.

essential armchair at Baers Furniture

The Armchair

Everyone needs a great armchair. When choosing an armchair, comfort is the most important feature. It makes sense to choose neutral upholstery since this is a piece you’ll probably take with you as you move. However, classic red never goes out of style and can add some welcome color in your space. Classic English roll-arm style is great for curling up with a good book or watching TV. It is a style that will ground any room you use it in. However, if modern or industrial is your thing, there are plenty of comfortable ones to choose from.

The Sofa

Since a sofa is one of the largest purchases for your home, not to mention the focal point of your living room or family room, you might want to play it safe. You can always change the look of the room with accessories, pillows, area rugs, and throws. A classic shape in a neutral color will be the most versatile. Then you can choose between loose cushions or tight back. Loose cushions give your room a casual vibe while tight black is a little more formal. Or you could choose leather, it’s kid-friendly, easy to clean, gets better with age, and never goes out of style.

The Dining Table

A beautifully weathered farmhouse table will always be in style. Or you may prefer a minimalist metal table. If you entertain a lot, be sure to get a table that has leaves so you can extend it when needed. If you live in a condo or have a small dining room, go for a round table, it can easily fit in tight spaces with room for chairs.

tommy bahama bed at Baers

The Bed

An upholstered headboard in an unusual shape adds an aura of elegance to your bedroom and is perfect if you like to read in bed. This is where you rest and relax, so be sure to choose a bed that creates the mood you want. Or look for a bed that fuses eclectic design, exotic materials, and rich finishes for a new take on traditional style. More importantly, be sure to choose a mattress that gives you the right support – getting a good night’s sleep will change how you walk through your day.

Hidden Storage

Who doesn’t need more storage? A beautiful chest or dresser will be at home anywhere – tucked into an entryway, living room or bedroom. They can even be used in a large bathroom if you are short on storage. If you like mid-century modern, look for a chest or sideboard. IF you want something fancier, look for a highly polished traditional piece to give your home that posh, decorator touch.

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