Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Foolproof Patio Design Ideas for Entertaining All Year Long

In Florida you can take advantage of the wonderful weather all year long.  This means you can use your patio every day of the year, if you wish. One of the best ways to make your patio warm and inviting, yet cool and chic, is to bring the indoors outside. Try any or all of the tips below to turn your patio into one of your favorite places to relax.

tommy bahama island estate lanai fire pit

Create Atmosphere

Use candles to set the mood, just as you would in an indoor space. Candles, lanterns, or torches scattered around your yard and patio create an indoor atmosphere and intimacy. Glass cylinders make great candle holders, or you can put hurricane glass shades around your candles. If you have a fire pit, such as the Island Estate Lanai Fire Pit Set from Tommy Bahama, don’t be afraid to use it all year round. It features a service area with ample room and adds exotic appeal with its hexagonal weatherstone top. When entertaining, add a cocktail tray with glassware, mixers, and garnishes. This will also add to the indoor vibe of your outdoor space.

Hang Curtains

Curtains add functionality and aesthetic appeal to your patio or porch. Traditionally for interiors, curtains can help make an outdoor space feel intimate and cozy. In addition to adding a decorative touch to the space, they create shade on the sunniest of Florida days, shelter guests from windy weather, and provide intimacy during social gatherings.

tommy bahama outdoor furniture sofa

The Right Furniture

Increasingly you can find outdoor furniture that looks like indoor furniture. Instead of uncomfortable metal sofas, you can opt for outdoor furniture with soft, comfortable cushions and sturdy construction that can withstand the elements all year round. Consider using something that looks like it would be at home in your living room or den. Upholstered in Sunbrella Performance Outdoor Fabric, the Island Estate Lanai Scatterback Sofa by Tommy Bahama offers comfort and style as well as durability.


Just as you carefully choose textiles for your indoor furniture, you should be choosy about what you put in your outdoor room. The right textiles will help you recreate the comfort and warmth of an indoor space. Above, the five cushions that make up the back of the sofa look like indoor pillows, and so really solidify the indoor look you are going for.

Finishing Touches

Once you have your foundation, add some finishing touches. Accessorize, just as you would any room. An area rug can pull the space together, a chandelier can add elegance, and flowers add a little freshness. Depending on how the space will be used, you can even add a TV.

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