Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Furniture Shapes Transform Your Room

Tall and thin or small and round, any furniture shape can have the potential to transform your room if you display it in the right way. The Tommy Bahama Kilimanjaro collection is an attention diva with its beautifully adorned pieces and sophisticated use of veneers. The detailed craftsmanship and design exudes incomparable elegance that will instantly upgrade your spaces. With its fun array of differently sized pieces this collection offers something for every room. You can now enjoy the look and practicality offered by a mahogany chest or an accent table as if you were a classic furniture collector happily curating masterpieces for his home.
Kilimanjaro Vickers Chest with Six Drawers Ant Turned Wood Pilasters

Monday, September 28, 2015

What Makes a Quality Couch

When you first start to furnish a new place there are some key elements that are so essential that you just can’t live without. Of course your bed is one of them, but right next to that one is a couch! Finding the perfect couch for your space is a quest in itself. You want to make sure that it is as charming and enjoyable as it is durable, that’s why it’s important to invest in a quality piece. At Baer’s Furniture, we want you to have the sofa that is right for you and that you can be sure will last so we have many options.
baers Island Traditions Manchester Chesterfield-Style Sofa with Button Tufting and Brown Leather Upholstery

Benefits of Round Tables

From round to rectangles and occasionally some hexagons, finding the right shape to your tables can help you create a balanced ambiance where you can feel at peace. Round tables add continuity to your space. With no edges to define general areas it is left as an open welcoming space perfect for friendly conversations in the morning over breakfast with your family. If you have younger children, round edges are the way to go. As tables can be at eye or head-level to your littles ones, one can easily avoid more accidents with this design. It’s also easier to reach items at the center of the table, which is great if you’re playing board games or don’t want to jump over anyone to get to the vinaigrette!
Baers Kensington Place Six Piece Dining Set with Round Table and Leather-Upholstered Arm Chairs

Bring Light to Your Dark Spaces

At Baer’s furniture, we want you to have the best experience possible when putting together your home. Something so personal needs all the attention and consideration we can offer and were here to shed some light on the matter. The first thing you want is to make sure you have when setting up any room is light. With the right amount of light, you can showcase your spaces well and create a lively atmosphere your family and friends will enjoy. But there are also some furniture pieces that can help reflect this light for greater vibrancy. When you add pieces with distinct lines, the curvature of these elements can direct the light in a certain way that accentuates the area.
The Ivory Key 7 Drawer Spanish Point Sideboard with Woven Raffia Drawer Fronts is a great way to clear the air and invite light into your spaces. The sheer wooden veneer in white does an excellent job at reflecting light, yet it finds a perfect balance with the patterned drawers, topped off with silver knobs.
daers Ivory Key 7 Drawer Spanish Point Sideboard with Woven Raffia Drawer Fronts

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How to Make an Item in Your Room Pop

Do you ever get the feeling that your space is missing something, that special element that completes the look you want? The answer is easy, add some color! When you’re going for that modern style, it’s easy to fall into the black, white and neutrals trap, but if you really want to make an item in your room pop then you definitely want to play mix and match with different tones. To do this, you want to pick one base color that dominates and captures the most attention, then another more subtle color to complement the first. Don’t be afraid to add some life into your spaces. Baer’s Furniture is happy to guide you in your search for the perfectly balanced room with eye-catching style.
The Milo Contemporary Sectional Sofa by Broyhill that can be ordered at Baer’s Furniture, plays with a series of grey tones that are highlighted with a fierce and dramatic depth of blue. By mixing different shades of greys with cream and turquoise cushions, your play on colors brings out its classical chicness and makes a fabulous impression.
Broyhill Milo Contemporary Sectional Sofa

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Feel Like You're Abroad At Home

When it’s time to decorate your home or even your beach house it’s always nice to have an ambiance where we can disconnect from the hectic pace of our daily lives. Imagine walking in to your home and having it feel like the place you enjoy most in this world and where you can calmly recharge. That special feeling you get when you travel abroad, you can easily get at home thanks to Baer’s Furniture! If you’re looking to add some tropicalluxury to your space then Tommy Bahama’s Landara collection is the place to start.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tips For Small Spaces

Some rooms in your home might not be as large as you want and you may find it difficult to decorate them without making them look cluttered. When spaces have a low ceiling it can also appear to significantly reduce the size of a room. When you’re working with spaces like these, you need to find unique ways to incorporate your furniture décor without making the room appear less spacious than it already is.
One trick that can help you make the room appear larger is by having low contrast between your furniture and wall décor. When you set up a space in this manner, the furniture pieces will blend in with the room creating the impression that they’re not as big as they are. A great example of this is the Wakefield Three-Door Distressed Buffet by Hooker Furniture. With its backless shelves and rustic design, this piece works well in creating a display area that seems to be a natural part of the room. Another great element about this piece is the storage it provides!
Hooker Furniture Wakefield Distressed Buffet and Dining Set