Friday, February 26, 2016

Show Your Style with Colorful Transitional Furniture

Comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal are the hallmarks of modern design. The right transitional furniture, accessories, and lighting creates an inviting and beautiful space where you can live your life at ease. These transitional pieces blend well with your existing furniture and quickly transform your rooms from merely functional to gorgeous.

Keep It Fresh and Colorful with Transitional Pieces

Transitional furniture is known for its fresh material combinations, decorative elements, and vivid colors, making them ideal for designing one-of-a-kind rooms. When considering adding colorful, transitional furniture to your home, do not be afraid to experiment with pieces that are unusual—let your creative side run wild as you add attractive touches that exemplify your personal style. After all, it’s your home, why should it be ordinary when you are anything but?

Melange Pure Bliss Chest

Monday, February 22, 2016

Create a Little Parisian Flair in Your Bedroom

Ah, Paris, city of lights, what could be more romantic? Now you can bring a little Parisian style into your home, especially your bedroom. Parisian style is a mix of new and old, where traditional and modern pieces coexist peacefully, side by side. It is always chic and stylish, just like the city itself. However, the intriguing mix of contemporary and vintage only looks effortless. Here are a few tips for bringing Parisian style to life in your bedroom.

Mix and Not Match

The typical Parisian room will have a mix of old and new styles, art, and books, creating a distinctively eclectic look and feel. It is never too precious or too perfect, but carefully put together so as to look not too thought-out, but definitely not thoughtless. Layered, curated but undecorated, this look depends on the perfect paring of flea market finds or heirlooms with modern pieces for an organic, bohemian eclectic style.

Vintage Appeal

Paris is famous for its flea markets that appear every weekend in a different arrondissement (borough) as if by magic. The by Stanley Furniture exemplifies the glorious juxtaposition of pieces and periods that are the essence of French style. Anchor your room with the Reverie Panel Bed, then accessorize with quirky pieces, knickknacks, and curiosities from your own flea market treasure hunting.

Arrondissement Reverie Panel Bed

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Style With Prints & Patterns

Mixing prints and patterns can bring an airy freshness your home. But it can also be a challenge to mix and match in a way that doesn’t overpower or suffocate your rooms. By keeping it 60/30/10 you’ll create inviting spaces that you love to relax and entertain in. To follow the 60/30/10 guideline, you’ll use 60% of a favorite pattern, 30% of a second pattern, and 10% of a third as an accent. Then experiment with a range of scales: a narrow stripe, a midsize geometric, and a bold floral. Balance the look with solids on a sofa or accent rug.
Bali Hai San Carlos Chair with Exposed Wood Arms and Casters

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Warning: Nice Curves Ahead

Curves have always been sexy, but recently furniture designers have been bending to fashion’s trend by rounding edges and flirting with circles and curves. These are elements that you often don't notice but add a sense of style and comfort to your d├ęcor. The swirling shapes are sensuous, but also unexpectedly practical. Curved sofas draw people close and round dining tables make it easier for everyone to join in the conversation.
For example, the Miramont King Upholstered Sleigh Bed with Button Tufted Headboard by Bernhardt adds romance and glamour to everyday furnishings. Designed to be the grand centerpiece of your bedroom, the bed not only has a contemporary feel but exudes comfort and luxury. The round accent tables with metallic bases add opulence, making this room one you’ll never want to leave.
Miramont King Upholstered Sleigh Bed with Button Tufted Headboard

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cottage-Style Seating for Counters

Cottage homes are renowned for their casual comfort and sophisticated style. As soon as you walk through the door, you feel welcomed and comfortable. The calming, neutral colors, design details such as woven water hyacinth, and laid-back luxury and sophistication create a refuge where beauty surrounds and instantly sooths your soul.
You can quickly give your space an upscale yet cottage casual look with the Oyster Bay Hidden Lake Bistro Table and Merrick Swivel Counter Stool Set by Lexington. Tailored yet casual is the recipe for cottage style and the fresh, coastal look of Oyster Bay is the ideal way to create a space that looks and feels comfortable, easy, and livable. As relevant as it is timeless, the burnished stainless steel top adds a hip, modern edge to this classic bistro table, making it an ideal place for casual entertaining and dining. The four, full-extension drawers keep serving ware and dining necessities handy. The pre-worn finishes hint at daily use but can easily be dressed up for more elegant occasions.
Merrick Swivel Counter Stools and Bistro Table

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Transform Your Room Into A Cottage

Have you considered bringing the feeling of nature into your bedroom? Imagine coming home and feeling like you are in the middle of a forest, surrounded by the vast harmony of the wilderness, and disconnected from the stresses of work and traffic. We all need a few moments of peace after a long day, just get away from reality. If you have been looking for a way to transform your room into your “Me-zone”, then turn it into a cozy vacation cottage.
This can seem like a challenge because it can’t just be any furniture that creates this cozy cottage atmosphere. Fortunately, you can count on one of Baer’s interior designers to steer you in the right direction. They will give you design tips and help you create the perfect retreat that takes you away and makes your house really feel like a home.
The Preserve Bedroom Group by Stanley Furniture is a great way to start since the place you should be able to relax the most is in your bedroom. This classic piece is made with delicate patterns and holds every promise of comfort. Enjoy a long nights sleep on this rejuvenating piece.
Preserve Bedroom Group by Stanley Furniture

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Love Seats to Adore

Finding the right size sofa that perfectly fits in your space can be a challenging endeavor. If you add something bigger than it should be, your space will feel cluttered and your piece will look bulky. If you add something too small, your room will feel empty and cold. To find the right balance you have to know your space well.

A great way to avoid this dilemma is by incorporating a love seat. Love seats are the perfect size for a studio or loft with limited space, they are also great for pairing with a larger sofa for bigger spaces. The coziness and comfort that a love seat adds to a room is why we adore them! Who wouldn’t want to snuggle with a blanket or loved one while watching a movie on a Friday night? At Baer’s we have a wide variety of love seats. Our complimentary interior designers will help you think outside the box when it comes to assembling the perfect living room.

Take a look at the Drexel Heritage Upholstery Holloway Love Seat. The pattern and texture used to wrap around the fluffy cushioned seat will make you not want to get up from the comfort of this piece. The elegant wooden legs with ornamental shape, makes this a classic piece to add to your space. The patterned cushion accentuates this sofa and makes it a great place for quality time with loved ones.

Drexel Heritage Upholstery Holloway Love Seat