Monday, July 13, 2015

The Right Furniture For Petowners

Choosing furniture for your home when you have pets can be a tricky task. As all pet owners know, sometimes our pets forget they are pets and want to enjoy our furniture as much as we do. That’s why it is so important to choose the right furniture that is both comfortable and durable.

Contrasting Colors

The color fur of your dog may place a huge factor into which color furniture you choose. If your dog has dark fur, you may want to steer clear from lighter fabrics that you would have to clean more often. Same goes for lighter fur, for example if your pet has golden fur, then a neutral crème colored piece may work best for you. With any fabric color you choose, we recommend highly washable fabrics, because in the warm Florida climate all pets will shed and you want to make sure that your entire family can enjoy a clean relaxing space. Consult with one of Baer’s professional designers and let us help you choose the right fabric for your home that will allow your furry friends to enjoy your furniture just as much as the rest of your family.

Caring For Your Leather Furniture

Adding a leather couch into your house is the one piece of furniture every person dreams about. Only a few pieces can invite optimal relaxation in such a comforting and classic way as leather definitely can. However, make sure that you are taking the right steps to protect your newfound luxury from the wear and tear of your busy life and family.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Stripes, Squares and Blues, OH MY!

Everybody designs their room for a purpose. Whether you are designing your living room, office or bedroom, there are two elements everybody should include: fun and comfort. The easiest way to achieve both goals is to add colors and patterns in your room through fabrics and designs!


No matter which way your furniture’s stripes go, they are sure to liven up your room. This season, stripes are in and they are easy to incorporate in any design. Look at this Monica Transitional Upholstered Chair and Rectangular Ottoman from the Broyhill Collection as an example. It’s a two-toned stripped piece which is simple enough to add into any room, but brings in a touch of uniqueness that completes a look.
baers furniture 3

Color Combinations to Try Outdoors

Adding colors to you indoor furniture is simple because you can control most of the factors that are inside. Keeping your outside looking bright, vibrant and new is a little more difficult. To get you started on the perfect outdoor look, here are three color combinations that may help you add some pop to your outdoor furniture.

Tones of Orange

Break away from the tradition of wicker furniture. Instead, find furniture with durability that brings out the natural looks of Florida. For example, the Kingstown Sedona 6 Piece Patio Set with Accent Table from Tommy Bahama compliments the foliage green hues with its design and colors. The orange contrasts the green in your landscaping with a controlled pop of color, allowing the furniture to stand out with a personality all its own.
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