Friday, December 16, 2016

Baer’s Furniture Reviews: Creating the Best Customer Experience

Customers will always remember if your customer service is really great. And they’ll tell their friends, who will tell their friends, and so on, and so on… you get the picture. And today’s savvy customers expect the best when they enter a Baer’s Furniture showroom: the best brands, the best prices, and the best customer service. It’s all a part of creating the best customer experience, a key component of Baer’s Furniture’s successful business strategy.

Baer's Furntiure elegant dining room furniture

The customer experience at Baer’s Furniture is pleasant from beginning to end, as Lorraine Bobel found out first hand. 

“… On entering Baer’s we were greeted by Taylor who was very pleasant and encouraged us to browse and was there to answer questions for us without being overbearing.” Bobel explained “… Taylor negotiated a sale price for us.” Bobel was even more impressed by the quick and efficient delivery of her furniture “… delivered in great condition plus the delivery men were fast and efficient. …” This is how you create relationships that turn into repeat business. “We were very pleased with the store's selection and especially with Taylor's professionalism and are looking forward to doing business with him and Baers Furniture in the future.”

Read Lorraine Bobel’s full review here.

Customer Experience Is More Than a Buzzword at Baer’s Furniture

Customer service has become almost another arm of a business’ marketing department. Why? Because sales associates, customer service reps, and in the case of Baer’s, in-house interior designers are the face of the company in the eyes of the consumer. Great selection and great prices will only get you so far, top-notch customer service will take you the rest of the way. At Baer’s, the job isn’t over once the sale is completed, it is just beginning.

As Trevor Persaud remarked “Very good selection of furniture with lots of custom options. … Lisa is a great sales associate before and after the transaction.”

Read Trevor Persaud’s full review here.

Everything about a company reflects on everything else. Once the furniture has been purchased and ordered, it still needs to be delivered. And at Baer’s, customer service extends to furniture delivery, as Joyce Gagnon found.

“The driver and his assistant were right on time, very courteous, careful and pleasant.”

Read more of Joyce Gagnon’s review here.

How a company handles a mishap can make all the difference, as Curtis and Barbara Powers found.

"My experience with the salesman, Darryl Lewis, was great! The delivery men were great too...But, the piece was damaged.” However, how a business handles these issues is a part of the customer experience that can be turned around. The Powers spoke with customer care and got fast and courteous results. “They are reserving me a replacement … So far, I’m impressed and will recommend Baer’s.”

Read more of Curtis and Barbara Powers’ review here.

 Baer's Furniture names Jerry Baer president and CEO and elevates additional family members in a management shift that assures customers will get the same quaility and customer service they've come to expect. Baer's Furniture has a BBB A+ rating.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

How Often Should You Buy New Furniture?

You know when to replace your milk or change your oil, but how do you know when to replace the furniture in your home? It is sometimes difficult to decide when to replace that old “comfortable chair” that isn’t really all that comfortable anymore.

While they are not as obvious as the ones you find on your groceries, your accessories and furniture also have expiration dates. However, few people know what they are. Most people think that furniture pieces should last 20 years or more. Below are some tips for when to buy new furniture.

Is It Broken or Worn Out?

This seems obvious, but how many people do you know who are still living with furniture that is past its prime? If your dining room table has broken recently, it is time to replace it. You can repurpose the chairs if you like them. Or vice versa, if you find that you have broken chairs over the years, you can keep your table and either replace all the chairs, or just a few of them with new chairs that go with your style.

For living room chairs and sofas, consider whether or not the cushions are flattening. Are you sinking into it? Is the upholstery worn? All these are reasons to consider replacing these items. On average, you should expect to replace your sofa every 7-15 years, depending on wear and tear.

It’s time to replace your mattress if you are waking up tired, achy, and sore; if it has lumps, bumps, or is sagging; if you are sleeping on the couch because it is more comfortable; and if you don’t remember the last time you bought a new mattress. Mattresses have a lifespan of about 7 years. A new mattress not only improves how you sleep at night, it improves your quality of life.

Are You Redecorating a Room?

Are you changing your guest room into a home office, or vice versa? This is a clear-cut case of needing something new. You may have some pieces already in mind for the spare room, but chances are you don’t have a spare bed or desk with an office chair hanging around. Take into consideration what you already have, and choose new furniture that goes with the style. If your guest room and office are doing double duty, be sure to choose simple furniture that doesn’t crowd the space.

Quality furniture can last a long time, but you can still refresh your décor by changing out accessories such as pillows, rugs, and tablescapes. Or add a small accent table. If you have a large art collection, you can move the pieces to different places in your home. A Baer's Furniture design professional can help you make minor changes that will have a big impact on your home's decor.

Everything has a lifespan and furniture is not exempt from this. Usage, children, and pets can take a toll on the pieces you use every day. There comes a time when it is best to let it go… and go shopping.

Find something special for your home at a Baer's Furniture near you. Learn more about Baer's Furniture and their A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What's Your Bar Stool Style?

What was once a simple wooden stool has evolved into a versatile seating option that adds character, texture, and color to your bar or kitchen design. Choosing one that fits your style and space can be more of a challenge than you would expect, after all, it’s just a stool, right? When you first start out to find the perfect bar stool you may realize that there really are so many things to consider: material, height, back or backless, upholstered or not, swivel or stationary … the list goes on. Choosing one that perfectly fits your design and space can be difficult, so below are some tips for determining your bar stool style.

Tommy bahama bar stool at Baer's Furniture

Find Your Height

The very last thing you want is to have a stool that causes you to cram your legs up under the table. It’s just uncomfortable. The most common sizes available are counter height, bar height, table height, and extra tall. Choosing the right height will determine whether or not you and your guests will have enough legroom to sit comfortably. The goal is to have anywhere from 9 to 13 inches between the top of the stool’s seat and the bottom of the counter top.

Choose Your Style

Take a look around your bar or kitchen and determine if you want your new bar stools to blend in or stand out with the décor – color, style, or materials – already used in the space. Also, think about function. If the bar stools will be placed next to a kitchen island or in a narrow hallway, backless is a good choice. This gives you the option to tuck them out of the way. If you bar stools are the focal point of your eating space or kitchen, choose easy to clean surfaces such as wood, metal, leather, or even microfiber. The Kingstown Dunkirk Swivel bar stool is a laid-back, stylish bar stool with a cane back and arm panels to provide comfort.

Baers Furniture Oyster Bay Bar Stool

In addition to considering where you use them, you should think about how you will use them. This will help inform your decision. If they will mostly be used in the kitchen, select stain-resistant upholstery or wood. The Oyster Bay Merrick Swivel Bar Stool by Lexington Furniture features a high back and swivel seat that gives you mobility and comfort. It is perfect for a high table, counter, or bar.

Below are some styles to consider:
  • Sophisticated coastal – refined yet casual living that references the coast
  • European Grandeur – Understated elegance and sophistication featuring modern interpretation
  • California Mediterranean – a fresh look at the laid-back lifestyle
  • Hollywood Regency – chic and glamorous updated classic
It’s perfectly fine to mix and match styles. Metal stools will add interest to a bar or kitchen that is predominantly wood. And a wooden bar stool can add a hint of nature to a modern, high gloss kitchen or bar. 

Read about the Spirit of Life Award dinner in honor of Baer's Furniture and their ongoing commitment to the community. Follow Baer's Furniture on Twitter for the latest news and design inspiration.

Friday, December 9, 2016

The Evolution of Tommy Bahama Home Furniture

Tommy Bahama Home furniture is known for its sophisticated interpretation of inspired island living. And for many, its design sensibility is the epitome of Florida style. The brand makes experiencing the casual comfort of island living as easy as entering your own home. It evokes a sense of intrigue and romance by fusing eclectic design elements, exotic natural materials, and rich finishes.

Tommy Bahama is quite likely the only brand whose name instantly evokes a place and lifestyle. They may also be the only brand whose mission is simply to inspire the world to relax. The furniture line is well represented at Baer’s Furniture, who with 16 locations is unequivocally the Florida Headquarters for Tommy Bahama Home as well as being the world’s largest dealer of this furniture.

Tommy Bahama’s Florida Focus

There are many ways that Tommy Bahama Home furnishings pair well with the Sunshine state. It is a brand with design sensibilities as varied as the state itself. Within Florida, you have the distinct design styles of South Beach, the Gulf Coast, and North Coast – each with their own individual vibe that shares an overarching theme: a lifestyle that is a little more casual, a little more relaxed, and a little more laid back. And Tommy Bahama Home has different collections that accommodate all these things.

Tropical Highlights

Demographics have played a large role in the evolution of Florida’s design style. The days of pink flamingos and aqua hues are long gone. Florida’s modern design, as expressed in Tommy Bahama’s style, evokes a classic tropical beauty that is completely fresh and modern.

Of course, this type of evolution doesn’t happen overnight. It used to be that you would cover an entire sofa in coral, while now that color is used more mindfully as a nod to its origins in Florida design, but without overwhelming. You’ll find it in piping, throw pillows, or area rugs. Mindfully applied, the bright, Florida colors work well with the British Colonial and Pan-Asian influences found in Tommy Bahama’s designs.

The Ocean Club and Island Fusion lines feature simple but sleek Asian influences that are both timeless and ultra-modern. The hardwood finishes evoke Polynesian tropical forests, but the clean lines and shapes feel fresh and new. Many people opt to furnish their entire home in Tommy Bahama. Their versatile designs make this possible.

Constantly-Evolving Design

The designs change and evolve as often as Florida itself. Tropical design may seem to go in and out of style, but it never goes away completely. Instead, it is reimagined to remain timeless and relevant. Good design is good design and transcends the trends.

To find the widest selection of Tommy Bahama Home designs, from the many furniture collections to tropical inspired accessories, visit the Baer’s Furniture showroom near you. 

Baer's Furniture announces leadership changes that bring fourth generation family members into the executive ranks. Read more about how the family furniture business has flourished over four generations.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Create a Coastal Style Living Room with Broyhill Furniture

Contemporary coastal is a fun and fresh design style that brings a casually relaxed vibe into your home. Reflecting the bright, beautiful, and energizing aura of beach life, coastal style is all about creating a cheery atmosphere indoors. But that doesn’t mean that you should overload your living room with starfish, glass floats, shells, and other pieces of nautica in your décor. It’s best to choose a color palette and build from there. There are many interpretations and reimaginings of coastal décor, but here are five color palettes that can give your home some coastal flair.


When imagining a coastal home, light pastel blues and greens might first come to mind. But have you ever considered coral? Bright and cheerful, this is a fun and unusual color to find in a coastal living room. It creates a playful, tropical look that is hard to resist. If you are not sure, try using it on small accents such as vases, pillows, and wall art.

If you want to go bold, try bright coral on a sofa or chair. The Emily Casual Style Sofa in coral by Broyhill makes a relaxing and stylish addition to your coastal style living room. It is the perfect place to relax, watch television, or read a book. The gently rolled arms and skirt covered base fit perfectly in the coastal décor.

Navy Blue

It’s called navy blue for a reason. Bold navy blue is one of the most popular colors to use in coastal décor. Navy blue’s dark shades give a more masculine feel to a coastal-inspired room. But don’t be afraid of this color: a dark blue sofa or chair are great options for your living room. Pair it with other shades of blue, a cool white, or even coral to add a little energy to the space.

Pastel Blue

The traditional pastel shades found in coastal décor, such as soft powder blue, create a comfortable and welcoming feel in your living room. Pastel blue goes well with creamy whites and distressed wood. It is also a great primary wall color that will make your space seem bright and open.

Sandy Beige

Neutrals tend to be overlooked in coastal décor, but they can create a simple, relaxed atmosphere. Mix sandy white and beige with washed out blues and woody browns. As with any neutral space, it is important to play up texture for interest. You can do this with accessories such as shells, driftwood, and woven rugs.

Furniture pieces in the Emily Collection from Broyhill Furniture come in many custom upholstery options such as coral, navy, and beige that are perfect for coastal living room décor. Visit the Baer’s Furniture showroom near you to find out about all the options.

Read about Baer's Furniture leadership changes and new president and CEO. Follow Baer's Furniture on Twitter for more design advice.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lexington Upholstery Designed to Suit Your Style

There are a myriad reasons why you might choose custom upholstery. Maybe you have a particular look or fabric in mind for your sofa or loveseat. It can sometimes be difficult to find exactly what you have envisioned in your mind’s eye. Buying furniture is a long term investment in the look of your home, so you should take your time and find one that matches your vision.

When you choose a piece from the Lexington Upholstery Collection, you are getting a bespoke piece of furniture made exactly to your specifications. Lexington offers a stunning array of styles, fabric, and trim options to choose from, including leather. With so many options, you are sure to find the perfect piece to express your personal style. From dramatic contemporary to elegant traditional, nothing creates the tone in a space the way comfortable and luxurious upholstered seating does.

For instance, the Diane Settee offers a unique shape and curved back as well as padded arms for superior comfort. The turned front legs and gently tapered back legs add sophistication and make this the perfect place to relax. The soothing beige upholstery creates a serene mood in any space. If neutrals aren’t your thing, don’t worry, with 872 color and pattern options, you can choose a fabric that exactly matches your style.

Your home is the background against which you live your life, and the Lexington Upholstery Collection sets the stage for your life to happen. There’s nothing like sinking down into your favorite chair or comfortable sofa at the end of a long day. Visiting with friends and holiday get-togethers take on new meaning against the backdrop of furniture custom made just for you.

The unique designs available in the Lexington Upholstery collection make it easy for you to find a sectional, love seat, ottoman, upholstered chair, executive chair or complete furniture set for your home. The collection draws from casual, modern, and traditional design, and is sure to have a piece of furniture and fabric choice that will go with your décor.

If you are furnishing an entire room at once you can choose a sofa such as the Montgomery Rolled Arm Sofa and choose the fabric you prefer. You can then choose additional pieces and have them upholstered in fabric that you are sure will go so that your entire set looks like it goes together.

Whether you like formal or casual, traditional or contemporary, Lexington Upholstery offers you almost limitless possibilities in seating options, frame styles, luxurious fabrics and custom decorative trims. The collection showcases your personal style in every room in your home – living room, family room, den or office.

A Baer Market for this flourishing fourth generation company. Follow Baer's Furniture on Twitter for more design inspiration.

Friday, December 2, 2016

What’s Your Style: Casual and Comfortable with Broyhill Furniture

Do you long for casual décor that is comfortable, homey, warm, and inviting? Who doesn’t want to feel comfortable in their own house? Homes that exude casual comfort are perfect for those who fully embrace the Florida lifestyle of sunshine, beaches, and casual entertaining.

The furniture is the most important element for setting the comfort factor in your home. Choosing plush, upholstered furniture sets the comfortable, casual, cozy mood for your home. Casual rooms have simple details, restful horizontal lines, soft upholstery, textured elements in accessories and fabrics, and low-luster surfaces. The details are simple and the elements are softly curved or rectangular. The Emily Collection by Broyhill offers a classic, casual look that blends in with any existing décor. It gives you a homey feel while maintaining a traditional feel in the space.

Elements of Casual, Comfortable Style with Broyhill Furniture

  •          Soft, comfortable upholstered furniture pieces
  •          Textured fabrics rather than shiny, with interesting weaves and natural fibers such as cotton or linen, or a new synthetic weave with a natural look and more durability
  •          Accents on upholstered pieces such as pleats, ruffles, buttons, or cording in contrasting colors
  •          Long, large, horizontal furniture and chunky tables to create a restful look
  •          Wicker, rattan, or iron accessories as well as antiques easily fit casual style decorating

Choose a soft, inviting color scheme: fabrics, textiles, and colors in soft hues. And don’t be afraid to add a touch of whimsy. Use some old wooden candlesticks, stack pieces of old luggage, or old chest for a coffee table.

Creating a comfortable living space is about adding layers and conversational seating to build a room that is both visually stimulating and functional. It should tease the eye in a manner that feels fun and edgy while also giving in to your need to curl up casually in a chair and read or watch a movie. 

Learn more about Baer's Furniture. Baer's Furniture names Jerry Baer president and CEO in a shift that brings a fourth generation into executive ranks.