Friday, December 9, 2016

The Evolution of Tommy Bahama Home Furniture

Tommy Bahama Home furniture is known for its sophisticated interpretation of inspired island living. And for many, its design sensibility is the epitome of Florida style. The brand makes experiencing the casual comfort of island living as easy as entering your own home. It evokes a sense of intrigue and romance by fusing eclectic design elements, exotic natural materials, and rich finishes.

Tommy Bahama is quite likely the only brand whose name instantly evokes a place and lifestyle. They may also be the only brand whose mission is simply to inspire the world to relax. The furniture line is well represented at Baer’s Furniture, who with 16 locations is unequivocally the Florida Headquarters for Tommy Bahama Home as well as being the world’s largest dealer of this furniture.

Tommy Bahama’s Florida Focus

There are many ways that Tommy Bahama Home furnishings pair well with the Sunshine state. It is a brand with design sensibilities as varied as the state itself. Within Florida, you have the distinct design styles of South Beach, the Gulf Coast, and North Coast – each with their own individual vibe that shares an overarching theme: a lifestyle that is a little more casual, a little more relaxed, and a little more laid back. And Tommy Bahama Home has different collections that accommodate all these things.

Tropical Highlights

Demographics have played a large role in the evolution of Florida’s design style. The days of pink flamingos and aqua hues are long gone. Florida’s modern design, as expressed in Tommy Bahama’s style, evokes a classic tropical beauty that is completely fresh and modern.

Of course, this type of evolution doesn’t happen overnight. It used to be that you would cover an entire sofa in coral, while now that color is used more mindfully as a nod to its origins in Florida design, but without overwhelming. You’ll find it in piping, throw pillows, or area rugs. Mindfully applied, the bright, Florida colors work well with the British Colonial and Pan-Asian influences found in Tommy Bahama’s designs.

The Ocean Club and Island Fusion lines feature simple but sleek Asian influences that are both timeless and ultra-modern. The hardwood finishes evoke Polynesian tropical forests, but the clean lines and shapes feel fresh and new. Many people opt to furnish their entire home in Tommy Bahama. Their versatile designs make this possible.

Constantly-Evolving Design

The designs change and evolve as often as Florida itself. Tropical design may seem to go in and out of style, but it never goes away completely. Instead, it is reimagined to remain timeless and relevant. Good design is good design and transcends the trends.

To find the widest selection of Tommy Bahama Home designs, from the many furniture collections to tropical inspired accessories, visit the Baer’s Furniture showroom near you. 

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