Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What's Your Bar Stool Style?

What was once a simple wooden stool has evolved into a versatile seating option that adds character, texture, and color to your bar or kitchen design. Choosing one that fits your style and space can be more of a challenge than you would expect, after all, it’s just a stool, right? When you first start out to find the perfect bar stool you may realize that there really are so many things to consider: material, height, back or backless, upholstered or not, swivel or stationary … the list goes on. Choosing one that perfectly fits your design and space can be difficult, so below are some tips for determining your bar stool style.

Tommy bahama bar stool at Baer's Furniture

Find Your Height

The very last thing you want is to have a stool that causes you to cram your legs up under the table. It’s just uncomfortable. The most common sizes available are counter height, bar height, table height, and extra tall. Choosing the right height will determine whether or not you and your guests will have enough legroom to sit comfortably. The goal is to have anywhere from 9 to 13 inches between the top of the stool’s seat and the bottom of the counter top.

Choose Your Style

Take a look around your bar or kitchen and determine if you want your new bar stools to blend in or stand out with the d├ęcor – color, style, or materials – already used in the space. Also, think about function. If the bar stools will be placed next to a kitchen island or in a narrow hallway, backless is a good choice. This gives you the option to tuck them out of the way. If you bar stools are the focal point of your eating space or kitchen, choose easy to clean surfaces such as wood, metal, leather, or even microfiber. The Kingstown Dunkirk Swivel bar stool is a laid-back, stylish bar stool with a cane back and arm panels to provide comfort.

Baers Furniture Oyster Bay Bar Stool

In addition to considering where you use them, you should think about how you will use them. This will help inform your decision. If they will mostly be used in the kitchen, select stain-resistant upholstery or wood. The Oyster Bay Merrick Swivel Bar Stool by Lexington Furniture features a high back and swivel seat that gives you mobility and comfort. It is perfect for a high table, counter, or bar.

Below are some styles to consider:
  • Sophisticated coastal – refined yet casual living that references the coast
  • European Grandeur – Understated elegance and sophistication featuring modern interpretation
  • California Mediterranean – a fresh look at the laid-back lifestyle
  • Hollywood Regency – chic and glamorous updated classic
It’s perfectly fine to mix and match styles. Metal stools will add interest to a bar or kitchen that is predominantly wood. And a wooden bar stool can add a hint of nature to a modern, high gloss kitchen or bar. 

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