Monday, February 22, 2016

Create a Little Parisian Flair in Your Bedroom

Ah, Paris, city of lights, what could be more romantic? Now you can bring a little Parisian style into your home, especially your bedroom. Parisian style is a mix of new and old, where traditional and modern pieces coexist peacefully, side by side. It is always chic and stylish, just like the city itself. However, the intriguing mix of contemporary and vintage only looks effortless. Here are a few tips for bringing Parisian style to life in your bedroom.

Mix and Not Match

The typical Parisian room will have a mix of old and new styles, art, and books, creating a distinctively eclectic look and feel. It is never too precious or too perfect, but carefully put together so as to look not too thought-out, but definitely not thoughtless. Layered, curated but undecorated, this look depends on the perfect paring of flea market finds or heirlooms with modern pieces for an organic, bohemian eclectic style.

Vintage Appeal

Paris is famous for its flea markets that appear every weekend in a different arrondissement (borough) as if by magic. The by Stanley Furniture exemplifies the glorious juxtaposition of pieces and periods that are the essence of French style. Anchor your room with the Reverie Panel Bed, then accessorize with quirky pieces, knickknacks, and curiosities from your own flea market treasure hunting.

Arrondissement Reverie Panel Bed

Warm it up with Rugs

The traditional herringbone wooden floors are pretty, if you have them. But they can also be noisy and cold to walk across. Most Paris apartments will feature a nice thick rug to muffle the noise and spare the feet. You can choose to brighten the space with color, or use a something patterned as shown in the room above, as it will help add warmth into the space.

White Walls

Most Paris apartments are notoriously dark, which is why white walls are another hallmark of Parisian style. This keeps the space feeling light and breezy, so add color carefully. If you have enough light in your space, you can add color with an accent wall or just a tint of lighter color throughout.

Arrondissement Villette Flip Top Console

Accessorize with Care

Another trademark of Parisian style are carefully collected accessories. The Arrondissement Villette Flip Top Console Table is an ideal setting to add your style with personal items. Again, restraint is a key element, however, you can bring color, patterns, and flair into the space with artfully arranged vignettes. The final touch—hang a chandelier to add instant Parisian flair and bring a warm glow into the space.

The French have mastered the classic and contemporary mix down to the last detail. How do they always get it right? The key may just be a dash of nonchalance, of not being afraid to be wrong. And why should you be afraid, when you make Parisian style your own, freedom is the only style you need.

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