Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Create an Outdoor Living Room with Tommy Bahama Furniture

Interior decorators often take inspiration from nature, bringing the outside in by using natural materials and features such as plants and rocks. However, as you explore patio designs, you might want to think about bringing the inside out. A stylish and relaxing outdoor living space can increase the appeal and value of your home, while also providing a tranquil space for friends and family to get together and comfortably enjoy the great outdoors.

Designing a functional and relaxing space for outdoor living presents a series of challenges, not the least of which are ensuring privacy and shelter from the sun and wind. Added to that the issues of color harmony, architectural style, traffic flow, space requirements, and comfort. Working within these constraints takes careful planning and an extra dash of creativity. The Island Estate Lanai Collection by Tommy Bahama makes an ideal foundation for building an outdoor space friends and family can enjoy.

Determine Size and Layout of Your Outdoor Living Room

The size and layout of your outdoor living room will be guided by the size of your property and the activities you anticipate enjoying in the space. Whether the space is large and spacious or small and intimate, creating separate zones for various activities such as conversation, cooking, or relaxation will help keep traffic flowing through your outdoor room.

Modern Outdoor Furniture Takes Center Stage

Outdoor furniture has come a long way in the past few years. No longer an afterthought, modern outdoor furniture takes center stage in styles that set the mood with function and flair. As you think about designing your outdoor living room, explore creating contrasts between furniture and surfaces. If your patio or porch features a geometric design such as square tiles or rectangular pavers, adding gently curved furniture and a round ottoman will soften the space.

Create Contrast and Visual Interest

The soft curves and natural textures of the Island Estate Lanai Outdoor Scatterback Sofa by Tommy Bahama bring an inviting and relaxing feel to outdoor spaces. Designed with indoor style and built for outdoor use, the sofa’s all-weather synthetic wicker and sunbrella performance fabric embody the best features of modern outdoor furniture: quality, functionality, and durability.

Fire It Up

When night falls, a fire element such as the Island Estate Lanai Outdoor Gas Fire Pit becomes a natural focal point that draws people together. Its appeal goes beyond visual impact, it offers a warm and an inviting gathering place for intimate moments as well as a place for relaxing, eating, and talking. In addition, stylish accents such as throw pillow, carpets, and other design touches will give your outdoor room a welcoming feel.

Final Thoughts to Consider

Since your outdoor room won’t have walls, you’ll need to define the space with plants, attractive fencing, or stonework. This will give your outdoor space a gentle perimeter. Make sure you have adequate access to power and water as well as you indoor kitchen (unless your space has an outdoor kitchen area) to minimize trips back and forth. Awnings, gazebos, umbrellas, and pergolas are all ways to shelter you and your guests from strong sunlight and rain while keeping the soft, charming feel of the space.

The Island Estate Lanai Collection by Tommy Bahama will help you create a warm and inviting space for entertaining large groups and an intimate space for more private moments.

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