Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Make Your Small Dining Room Cozy with Lexington Furniture

A large dining room may have the advantage when entertaining large groups of people, but a small space is perfect for creating a cozy, intimate space. When you live in a home or apartment without a clearly defined dining room, it can be a challenge to design a space where you can eat and entertain while keeping the space balanced. The transitional style of the Monterey Sands collection by Lexington Furniture provides casual elegance to any small space.

When putting together a small dining room, these three strategies work well:
  • Hang a light directly above your table, especially if it is in an unusual spot.
  • Hang a mirror or framed art above the table to draw the eye into the space.
  • Keep the general style that you have in the rest of the space so that the look is cohesive.
Small dining rooms pose more design challenges than tiny bedrooms and living rooms. It takes imagination and sometimes a little trial and error, but the lack of space doesn’t have to be a constraint. Begin by carefully choosing a design theme that enhances rather than over powers the small area.

Lighten the Mood with Color

Keep in mind that light colors can open up a space and make it seem bigger, darker tones have the opposite effect. Clean white paint on the walls creates a light and airy space, or you can choose to liven it up with pink or orange. A monochromatic color scheme will make the room seem more spacious, if you wish to add a little color, paint one wall in a deeper color and keep the others lighter.

Avoid overloading the room with furniture, small to medium sized will maximize the space. The Monterey Sands Formal Dining Room Group by Lexington is a great place to start. The clean, streamlined design of the table is perfect for a small space. The slim lines of the chairs give a neat and stylish finish to the room. The color of your furniture is also important, just as with the paint color, light and neutral is easier on the eye and makes your space seem larger. Dark or strong colors are more formal and can make your furniture look bulkier than it is.

Light and Mirrors

Using light as a design element is another way to make your room appealing and inviting. If you have windows that give you plenty of natural light, at least half your problem is solved. Either way, including a mirror will add more light into the space. Using a frame similar in color to the rest of your furniture will help it blend in to the theme of your dining room and create a cohesive look. The Monterey Sands Square Mirror by Lexington furniture does just that. It will cozy up a small dining room with its simple square shape and understated classic molding. Keeping these guidelines in mind will help you create a small dining room that is not only warm and cozy, but practical and livable.

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