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Soften Your Dining Room with Curtains, Drapes, and Rugs

When you think about dining room d├ęcor, tables, chairs, buffets or sideboards, and chandeliers are the first items that come to mind. However, curtains, drapes, and rugs are equally important to the look and feel of the room. With all the hard surfaces that fill this space, a little softness can go a long way. The right window dressing and area rugs will make the space warm and inviting.

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Patterns and Fabrics for Curtains

You can go the tradition route and use the same fabric on the window treatments that are on the chair cushions. Although old-fashioned, this is a look that works well in the dining room. Alternatively, you can pick up a color from a piece of art and use that as a solid color on the drapes. When choosing curtains with a pattern, be sure careful to pick one that ties the colors of the room together.

The simple shapes and monochromatic tones of the Criteria Formal Dining room furniture above are softened and complemented by the gentle geometric pattern of the floor-length curtains. The type of fabric you choose will depend on the look you want to create. Rich velvets and elegant silks create a formal and dramatic feel, while linens or light cottons are perfect for a more casual space.

Color, style, and the room itself are all factors to consider when choosing curtains and rugs for the space. If you like voluptuous, billowing curtains that pool on the floor, then by all means go for it. If your style is more tailored, you’ll want to look for something more streamlined. The goal is to use wide swathes of fabric to create softness rather than shutters and hard blinds.

Sizes for Curtains

You don’t have to go for the opulence of drapes puddling on the floor if that’s not your style, but keep in mind that drapes and curtains should at least brush the floor when dressing large floor- or almost floor-length windows. You’re better off going a little long than too short. When too short, they look like they don’t fit the window—this is one of the most commonly made design mistakes.

If you can’t find drapes that skim the floor, you can adjust the rod a little. Generally rods are mounted about 4” over the window frame, but this rule isn’t set in stone. So, go ahead and adjust the rod to fit your space if need be. Also, the general standard is to extend the rod approximately 6” to 8” past the window frame. Making it larger will make your window look bigger.

baer's furniture criteria collection buffet

Fabrics and Patterns Rugs

A bold print or color on the area rug in your dining room can make it the focal point of the space. A smaller patterned rug will make the space feel larger and airy, so this is a good choice for smaller rooms. In addition, your rug color will help define your space and make it feel welcoming. 

Colorways should contrast or complement the colors on the walls and curtains. You can choose a similar pattern in a larger scale, or a solid color that pulls out or complements a color in the drapes. If you want to highlight the flooring select a smaller-sized rug, and of course if you want to downplay the floor, choose a larger rug with a bolder pattern.

Sizes for Rugs

The rug should be wide and long enough on each side so that the chairs can easily slide in and out. And don’t forget that your dining room usually has a few other piece of furniture in it, such as a buffet, sideboard, or server. Try arranging your furniture before you decide on the size of your area rug. Generally, your rug should end before your other furniture, however, if you have to have the front legs on the area rug, be sure to shim the back legs so the piece is level.

The essential element of good interior design is balance. A room with numerous hard edges, such as the dining room, can use a little softness. The right curtains, drapes, and rugs can help you achieve this balance.

The dining room furniture pieces shown above can be found at Baer’s Furniture, family owned and operated for four generations.

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