Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Essential Elements of Coastal Décor

If you love rooms bathed in sunshine and painted in soft, watery colors with lightweight gauzy sheers or bare windows, coastal décor may be the style for you. Adding a few essential elements of this style will create casual ocean attitude and seaside energy, even if a house on the beach is only in your mind’s eye.

Sea and Sky

Decorating with the colors of the sea and sky is the best way to bring the vibe of the seashore into your home. The turquoise of a Caribbean cove, the deep green of a lake, or the gray of a stormy sea are all coastal-inspired hues that will give you a cottage-y feel. Painting your woodwork a crisp white, another element of coastal style, will amplify the color on your wall, so keep it light to keep it airy. If you prefer white walls, use the coastal hues on your upholstery or linens. Whether you’ve chosen blue, green or gray, layer the shades in coordinating patterns to add depth, texture, and detail to the room. Take inspiration from nature, if you’ve used blue, sunshine yellow is its natural complement, so it is an excellent choice as an accent color. If yellow is a little too bright for you, seaweed green and sandy beige also work well.

coastal decor baer's furniture

Bright Ideas

Coastal decorating emphasizes light – so avoid dark wood tones in flooring and furnishing, since they can make the space feel heavy. Instead, use light woods such as maple, oak, or cork with a clear varnish and blue toned rugs. Keep the window treatments sheer and minimal, or keep the windows bare, to bring as much bright, natural light as possible into the space. White in upholstery, kitchen cabinets, and window treatments will add breeziness to the space.

Ocean Artifacts

Since you are going for an ocean feel, incorporate elements that you could find on a walk on the beach. A piece of driftwood as a lamp base or a jar full of sea glass are perfect decorative accessories. However, be careful not to go overboard, having a theme is nice, but if used too much it will give you a one-note, heavy-handed look.

coastal style bedroom furniture

Embrace the Elements

Since coastal living is often casual, barefoot living, what’s on the outside of the house is just as important as what is inside it. You can link the inside and the outside by furnishing the deck, patio, or garden in the same style. Think of your outside space as another “room” that can extend your look and your living space. Set up some comfortable spaces for lounging with a book or an afternoon nap. If you like to entertain, be sure to have plenty of dining surface to host a crowd. Then, bring some outside indoors by creating a terrarium, hang artwork that portrays an outdoor activity, or a lobster crate repurposed as a side table.

Practical Tips

If you’ve vacationed at a seaside cabin or lived in a house by the coast, you understand that there are some practicalities of this life that must be handled – sand tracked across the floor, harsh sun that faces upholstery, and damp swimsuits that can ruin the finish on kitchen chairs. This can be mitigated by making smart decorating choices. Choose wooden flooring that can be easily swept clean, slipcovers that protect upholstery, and painted finishes instead of stained wood on tables and chairs in the kitchen. These choices are all essential elements of coastal décor, so will enhance your coastal theme.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Stylish and Unique Accent Tables to Revive Any Style

End table, side table, sofa table, lamp table — call them what you like, accent tables can revive any style. Small and stylish, they balance the look of your living room, while also functioning as a place to hold beverages, remote controls, reading lights, and more.

When considering adding an end table to your living room, think about both its form and function. How will you use it the most? What style will complement your room’s overall décor? Do you want it to stand out or subtly enhance the room? Keeping these questions in mind will help you determine the best size and shape of your accent table.

tommy bahama drum accent table

Look for the Right Shape, Size, and Weight for Your Room

If you are thinking about a little extra storage, look for end tables with drawers or shelves. The Beach House Round Drum-Style Pompano accent table from Tommy Bahama provides warm sophistication to any space. It gives you hidden storage that keep items neatly tucked away. The shape adds visual interest, and the exotic mango veneer and reeded bamboo panels provide rich texture.

Size — how tall and how wide — is another detail to consider when choosing accent tables. A general rule is that the height be even with or up to several inches lower than the arm of the sofa or chair it accompanies. Think about its usage, if it is too high or too low it will be uncomfortable, too wide and it will weigh down the furniture surrounding it. And if you plan to put a land or other heavy decorative objects on it, you’ll want to be sure the table can support the weight or these items.

tommy bahama sofa accent table

Pick Quality Materials That Will Stand the Test of Time

If you are looking for a sofa or console table, consider the size, shape, and proportions of your room when making your decision. This piece of living room furniture can section off and define parts of a large living room, so length, height, and depth is important. The intricate leather-bound detailing of Beach House Two-Drawer Palm Coast Sofa Table, also from Tommy Bahama, gives the piece an airy and sophisticated look. Two drawers add extra storage the finished back of the sofa table makes it a versatile piece. A quality solid wood accent table will be strong and durable, and compliment almost any style. Lush finishes and textural details will enhance the room’s appeal and only get better with age.

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pillow Toss: Add Flair to Your Living Room with Subtle Colors and Textures

Does your living room seem to be missing something? Could it be color or texture? Accent pillows can liven up any space, adding flair with color, texture, shape, and design contrast. They add that little something extra, that spark that your room seems to lack without them.

Accent pillows come in many different shapes and sizes and are the perfect accessory for almost any sofa, couch, bed, chair or bench. These days they are even used in porches and patios to make these spaces seem more like indoor rooms. Pillows can liven up a space with color or neutralize a space that may already have too much color in it.

sofa with pillows

When choosing the perfect pillow, consider its purpose. Does it need to be a particular shape, size, or color? Will have a function or be merely decorative? The neutral tones of the Bali Hai Quickship Shoreline Sofa shown above balances out a room dominated by the dark wood floor and the fern carved arms add needed texture. The subtly colored and patterned pillows keep the room from being too neutral.

The right pillows can accentuate your color scheme, but be wary of using too much color. If you already have some key colors in your room, you can use pillows to create contrast and interest, but be careful. Too many colors can make your room look like a carnival—and not the good kind. They will vie for the eye’s attention and detract not add to the style.

Also consider your theme and work to complement the any existing color scheme. Choose prints and designs that go with the rug and highlight the colors in the rest of the furniture. In our example room you can see how the pattern on the pillows goes with the pattern on the rug as well as the color on the Bali Hai Diamond Cove Swivel Chair. Both are subtle enough so as not to be overpowering. The additional pillows complement the colors of the room in a smaller pattern.

tommy bahama sofa pilliws

In addition, the right type and amount of pillows can add warmth and softness to your room. If your furniture is leather, you can mix and match fabrics and textures with your pillows and sofa to create an eclectic, unique style. Pillows are one of the details that can show your personality in the décor. Little touches in the accessories — such as the cool blue tones in the glass bottle shown above — tie the room together.

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Friday, August 12, 2016

Create a European Farmhouse Dining Room

Europe is a large continent, and European Farmhouse style can be just a varied as the continent itself. European Farmhouse décor is still popular, and there are many ways you can add some European flair to your home. Elegant and classic, this style of décor keeps things simple and highlights your personal touches to your home. You can easily add a little European Farmhouse style to your home by following the basic style guidelines below.

farmhouse dining room stanley furniture

Welcoming Kitchen and Dining Room

The kitchen is the heart of almost any home, and in a farmhouse style home, it is also the soul. The kitchen and dining room are traditional gathering spaces, so the décor in these rooms sets the tone for the entire home. The style is vibrant, yet uncomplicated, still neutral, but also often where you’ll find an eclectic mix of furniture. These principles are at play in the Farmers Market Table and Million Stars Chairs, part of the European Farmhouse Collection from Stanley Furniture. By using pieces that look as if they were collected over time, you create a welcoming, lived in feel in your kitchen and dining room.

Light and Relaxed

While the European Farmhouse palette is neutral, it is not one-dimensional. Different hues of white, cream, and beige create a complex colorway. Keep in mind that frugality is one of the basic elements of European Farmhouse style. Since the early owners of most farmhouses had a limited paint budget, they used a simple, white paint, so stick to white as much as possible. Polished wood floors, subtly patterned, slightly faded-looking area rugs, and textured walls add depth and authenticity to the space.

farmhouse open storage stanley furniture

Open Shelving

Plenty of shelves for open storage and glass doors on cabinets dominate farmhouse kitchens and dining rooms. Open shelves add character and allow you to easily switch out decorations. The Champaign Cabinet and L’Acrobat Open Air Shelf, also a part of the European Farmhouse Collection by Stanley, pairs beautifully to store special occasion serving pieces and fine silver as well as electronic components and media. It comes equipped with a surge protector, marrying modern functionality with farmhouse styling.

Wood Shines

Wooden accents are the main component that makes European farmhouse décor so special and unique. It flavors the whole house without being overbearing. Hardwood floors, ceilings, and wall paneling accentuates and emphasizes the cottage appeal that is a hallmark of this style. And because wooden surfaces age so well, your home will get better as time goes by. If you are not a fan of wood, you can still achieve a farmhouse feel by ensuring that any stone or concrete you use has a rustic, unfinished look. With the exception of traditional French doors and windows, keep glass out of the décor as much as possible, they can mute the rustic vibe of the design.

Vintage Yet Modern

There are quite a few tricks and tips you can do to achieve the European Farmhouse style without doing a major revamp. Beautiful but simple wood cabinets and side tables give you the woodsy appeal without requiring that you redo the floors. Always remember the origin of this look, it’s an effective and simple way to embrace this style and gives you a backdrop against which to add your personal touches that reflect your personality and enhance the style. And European Farmhouse interiors become more charming and graceful with time.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Old World Style 101 with Hooker Furniture

Old world style is renowned for its comfortable, worn, broken-in look that shows off the wear and tear of years of use. This is a style that can imbue your home with rustic refinement in a few simple steps. Crafted details that bring a sense of authenticity and a fresh feel to the relaxed, comfortable look that can be created by use of texture, materials, and color. The Solana Collection from Hooker Furniture puts a fresh spin on old world style.

Mix, Match, and Create

A mix of many European influences, old world design elements include earthy materials such as limestone, tile, and marble; deeply textured walls, flooring, and fabric; and sizeable furniture pieces. You can incorporate old world style throughout your home or concentrate it on one room.

When designing a dining room in old world style, draw on any combination of these area for inspiration:
  • French Country
  • French Chateau
  • Tuscan
  • Italian Villa
  • Mediterranean
  • Spanish
To achieve the worn, rustic, and inviting atmosphere typical of old world style, be sure to choose from the following elements.

hooker furniture solana collection living room


Free standing furniture is a hallmark of old world style, so avoid built in shelving and opt for a curio cabinet or console. Create a dramatic effect by grouping two or three cabinets together, such as the Solana Bunching Curio Cabinet by Hooker Furniture. The natural finish of these pieces emanate the warmth of sun-bathed wood with a lightly distressed tone that is effortlessly yet elegantly stylish. Living rooms should be outfitted with wooden-framed couches and chairs upholstered in rich colors. All rooms should have a formal yet lived in appearance that invites guests to linger.


Include plenty of old world accents in your design. Natural finishes that emanate warmth, gold accessories on the shelves, dark wood floors, and pottery pieces left out in the open become a part of the room’s design. Wrought iron, terra cotta, and damask draperies are also excellent choices. While tapestries and woven rugs are typical, white walls and neutral area rugs are also within the esthetic.

Using as many natural materials as you can will cement the design. This includes stone and metal work, natural woods. Including different species and colors of each type of material adds depth, for example you can while mix copper with iron or granite with limestone.

Supporting Players of Old World Design

You can also insert an old world, well-traveled flair into your rooms by using fabrics with animal prints or maps. Leather or fabric covered books, bamboo elements, woven shades, wicker furniture, and decorative storage trunks can all play supporting roles in this décor.

Commit to the Design

Once you’ve decided, commit completely. You can add the design elements one room at a time, or gradually infuse each room. The style has so many textures, colors, and materials available that you will find that your home will still have a personal or eclectic feel while also a cohesive design.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Sofa or a Couch

Buying a new sofa or couch is a big undertaking. The size, style, and color you choose can change the entire look of your living room. When choosing your new sofa, keep these tips in mind. Although they may seem insignificant on their own, the impact they have on your satisfaction with your new couch could be huge.


Right Size

It may seem obvious that you should measure your space as well as the sofa you are considering purchasing, but it is the most common mistake made when purchasing a new sofa. “Eyeing it” is probably the least efficient measurement system, so trying to judge by how big the couch looks is the best way to end up with a couch that is too big or too small for your space. In addition, don’t neglect to consider the scale of the rest of the furniture in your room so that your new sofa doesn’t look too small or too big when placed in your living room.

Test Drive Your Sofa before Purchase

As an addendum to measuring for size of space and scale, you should also test out your sofa for how well it fits you. Sit on it to make sure the seat size is deep enough if you are tall or shallow enough if you are short or have bad knees. If you nap on your sofa, lie down on it to test for length, cushion firmness or softness, and arm height. The Reese Traditional Motion Sofa by Bernhardt gives you support and comfort with its sinuous spring construction, plump seat cushions, and attached back cushions.

Buying the Wrong Style Sofa

In addition to physical comfort, you should be happy with how your new couch looks in your living room and how its style works for you. Look carefully at the style to make sure it goes with the rest of the furniture in your home.


Choosing the Wrong Fabric

This can be an expensive mistake. When making your fabric selection, consider how the couch will be used and where it will be placed. If it will inhabit a high-traffic area, a delicate fabric could be destroyed before you have a chance to use it. A durable choice such as leather can fit into any room and provide years of use and enjoyment. It is also a good idea to bring a swatch home to look at it against wall color and other furnishings.

Choosing a Poor Quality Sofa

Most people have some budget constraints, of course, but paying for quality ensures that you won’t be replacing your sofa within a few years. Purchase the best quality sofa you can afford. Poor quality sofas tend to lose their shape and comfort factor quickly. And if the frame is poor quality, it may break and you will have unsteady arms and legs on your sofa. The frame, filling, and seating support will affect your new couch’s level of comfort as well as its ability to retain its stability and shape throughout the years. Be sure to check the frame, seating support, and filling.

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Tips for Taking Your Neutral Livingroom from Snooze to Soothe

Have you ever fallen in love with the look of a light, bright neutral living room, but when you tried it, you found you had a room that was a complete snooze, rather than the welcoming, soothing living room you expected? Don’t despair, using only neutral colors can create a warmly soothing and sophisticated space if you do it right. Many people are fearful of using color, so they choose all neutral colors and create a room lacking in flair. A neutral palette is more than just a lack of colors, as seen below in this living room featuring the Conrad Conversation Sofa by Lexington Furniture.

Many Shades of Neutral

Use numerous shades of your neutral color, whether you’ve decided on taupe, gray, cream, or any other neutral color, using many shades of that color will add depth and interest to your room. In the room above, the chairs, ottoman, and sofa contain four different colors and the walls are also a different color – the wood is very dark in comparison to the upholstery on the sofa and chairs.

Use Texture

Work with many textures that contrast well. If the fabrics on the sofa and chairs had the same texture, this room would be boring. Bu the fabric on the chair and ottoman and sofa have obviously different textures that contrast well with the dark walls and cream-colored drapes.

High-Quality Texture

When your color palette is neutral and your textures take center stage, the other aspects of your living room are even more important. Texture is one of those aspects. In the room above, the light plays off of different angles, highlighting the luxurious fabric of the sofa. Carefully choose your standout piece and spend your budget wisely. Purchase the best furniture pieces you can afford – this is something you will use every day, so you will notice.

Use Shapes

Highlight beautiful and interesting shapes. When you take color out of the equations, the shapes in the room catch your attention. The upholstery on the Conrad ottoman and chair by Lexington Furniture bring in a geometric element that catches the eye. The circular pattern on the area rug softens the room and contrasts with the lines of the coffee table.

Materials and Surfaces

Carefully combine interesting surfaces and materials. The room above contains a plush area rug, luxurious upholstery on the sofa, a textured print on the chair and ottoman, flowy drapes, and a hard wood surface on the walls. All these textures work together to add interest to the room.


Use patterns mindfully. The geometric upholstery of the chair and ottoman along with the circular pattern on the rug is echoed in the circular pattern of the drapes. The room works on so many levels, which is what makes it interesting and not boring, not in spite of but because of the carefully applied neutral palette. It includes all of the above mentioned elements: different shades of one color, multiple textures, patterns, different materials, and interesting shapes. This certainly demonstrates that a neutral palette is more than a bunch of beige.

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