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Essential Elements of Coastal Décor

If you love rooms bathed in sunshine and painted in soft, watery colors with lightweight gauzy sheers or bare windows, coastal décor may be the style for you. Adding a few essential elements of this style will create casual ocean attitude and seaside energy, even if a house on the beach is only in your mind’s eye.

Sea and Sky

Decorating with the colors of the sea and sky is the best way to bring the vibe of the seashore into your home. The turquoise of a Caribbean cove, the deep green of a lake, or the gray of a stormy sea are all coastal-inspired hues that will give you a cottage-y feel. Painting your woodwork a crisp white, another element of coastal style, will amplify the color on your wall, so keep it light to keep it airy. If you prefer white walls, use the coastal hues on your upholstery or linens. Whether you’ve chosen blue, green or gray, layer the shades in coordinating patterns to add depth, texture, and detail to the room. Take inspiration from nature, if you’ve used blue, sunshine yellow is its natural complement, so it is an excellent choice as an accent color. If yellow is a little too bright for you, seaweed green and sandy beige also work well.

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Bright Ideas

Coastal decorating emphasizes light – so avoid dark wood tones in flooring and furnishing, since they can make the space feel heavy. Instead, use light woods such as maple, oak, or cork with a clear varnish and blue toned rugs. Keep the window treatments sheer and minimal, or keep the windows bare, to bring as much bright, natural light as possible into the space. White in upholstery, kitchen cabinets, and window treatments will add breeziness to the space.

Ocean Artifacts

Since you are going for an ocean feel, incorporate elements that you could find on a walk on the beach. A piece of driftwood as a lamp base or a jar full of sea glass are perfect decorative accessories. However, be careful not to go overboard, having a theme is nice, but if used too much it will give you a one-note, heavy-handed look.

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Embrace the Elements

Since coastal living is often casual, barefoot living, what’s on the outside of the house is just as important as what is inside it. You can link the inside and the outside by furnishing the deck, patio, or garden in the same style. Think of your outside space as another “room” that can extend your look and your living space. Set up some comfortable spaces for lounging with a book or an afternoon nap. If you like to entertain, be sure to have plenty of dining surface to host a crowd. Then, bring some outside indoors by creating a terrarium, hang artwork that portrays an outdoor activity, or a lobster crate repurposed as a side table.

Practical Tips

If you’ve vacationed at a seaside cabin or lived in a house by the coast, you understand that there are some practicalities of this life that must be handled – sand tracked across the floor, harsh sun that faces upholstery, and damp swimsuits that can ruin the finish on kitchen chairs. This can be mitigated by making smart decorating choices. Choose wooden flooring that can be easily swept clean, slipcovers that protect upholstery, and painted finishes instead of stained wood on tables and chairs in the kitchen. These choices are all essential elements of coastal décor, so will enhance your coastal theme.

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