Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pillow Toss: Add Flair to Your Living Room with Subtle Colors and Textures

Does your living room seem to be missing something? Could it be color or texture? Accent pillows can liven up any space, adding flair with color, texture, shape, and design contrast. They add that little something extra, that spark that your room seems to lack without them.

Accent pillows come in many different shapes and sizes and are the perfect accessory for almost any sofa, couch, bed, chair or bench. These days they are even used in porches and patios to make these spaces seem more like indoor rooms. Pillows can liven up a space with color or neutralize a space that may already have too much color in it.

sofa with pillows

When choosing the perfect pillow, consider its purpose. Does it need to be a particular shape, size, or color? Will have a function or be merely decorative? The neutral tones of the Bali Hai Quickship Shoreline Sofa shown above balances out a room dominated by the dark wood floor and the fern carved arms add needed texture. The subtly colored and patterned pillows keep the room from being too neutral.

The right pillows can accentuate your color scheme, but be wary of using too much color. If you already have some key colors in your room, you can use pillows to create contrast and interest, but be careful. Too many colors can make your room look like a carnival—and not the good kind. They will vie for the eye’s attention and detract not add to the style.

Also consider your theme and work to complement the any existing color scheme. Choose prints and designs that go with the rug and highlight the colors in the rest of the furniture. In our example room you can see how the pattern on the pillows goes with the pattern on the rug as well as the color on the Bali Hai Diamond Cove Swivel Chair. Both are subtle enough so as not to be overpowering. The additional pillows complement the colors of the room in a smaller pattern.

tommy bahama sofa pilliws

In addition, the right type and amount of pillows can add warmth and softness to your room. If your furniture is leather, you can mix and match fabrics and textures with your pillows and sofa to create an eclectic, unique style. Pillows are one of the details that can show your personality in the décor. Little touches in the accessories — such as the cool blue tones in the glass bottle shown above — tie the room together.

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