Monday, November 5, 2018

Pumpkin-Spice Up Your Home for Fall

The signs of Fall’s arrival in Florida are clear: temperatures reach a balmy 80-ish degrees, until the first, and possibly only, cold front rolls through. However, there’s one universal sign that Fall has arrived across the country, and that’s the arrival of pumpkin spice everything.

With the arrival of August (technically not even Fall) the sweet, spicy blend shows up everywhere. And while you may not see the need for pumpkin spice doggy lattes, a little pumpkin spice in your décor can make sipping your own latte extra special.

Go beyond the Gourd

Fall isn’t just gourds and dark wood. It can also mean some unexpected touches. Silver and chrome don’t exactly scream fall, but they can spice up your space and keep things interesting, especially when paired with pumpkin-colored walls.

subtle fall decor
Not ready for orange walls? Add some silver accessories or chrome furniture to your space for an industrial look with a Florida flair. The Oyster Bay Hidden Lake Bistro Table and Stools by Lexington are the perfect mix of industrial materials and coastal style. A vase of fall leaves or a bowl of chestnuts and Chinese lantern plants bring in subtle, unexpected Fall touches.

Warm Up Your Windows

One of the best, and fastest, ways to change the look of a room is by swapping out, or adding, curtains. Change your white summer sheers for orange-spice curtains for the fall season. This color will not only warm up the space but also make the room more inviting and welcoming.

Add Spice to Your Bedscape

A quick and easy way to add a little spice to your bedscape is to switch out your comforter, pillows, and throw for some with spiced-up colors. Spicy orange hues are the obvious choices, but you can also choose black or red against more neutral linens for dramatic flair.

While you’re thinking about linens, add some orange and black towels to your guest bathroom. White accessories will help coordinate your fall look. And to keep the fall mood going, add some pumpkin spice potpourri or air freshener.

Add Unexpected Color

Eggplant needs a little love this time of year. And, luckily, deep purple hues pair well with oranges and creams. This unexpected fall color also gives an elegant, royal feel to a space, any time of the year. Or consider a goldy-yellow color to brighten up a space and create a sense of fun.

Subtle Touches of Pumpkin Spice

If you’re not into all-too-obvious décor that screams pumpkin, there’s always a way to give a nod to fall and the pumpkin spice vibe without going all-out orange. Just a few orange throw pillows and blankets, a centerpiece featuring miniature pumpkins, area rug, or even a small orange bench or footstool can add a touch of spice to your interior design.
Whether you opt for a pumpkin-themed coffee cup and pumpkin spice candle or go all in with pumpkins galore, there are many ways to add a little spicy, spooky Halloween-inspired décor to your home. Let us know how you spice up your home for fall in the comments.

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