Tuesday, October 9, 2018

7 Important Finishing Touches to Style Your Home

Once you’ve got your walls painted and your furniture placed just so, you’re done, right? Of course not. By now everyone probably knows that it is the accessories and final touches that give a room its personality. These are the details that show you what the energy of the home is. A potted palm might bring to mind thoughts of the tropics while a framed concert poster tells you that your host likes music.

There’s no rule that states your accessories can’t be an eclectic mix. You just want the room to feel lived-in and inviting. Here are seven ways to add finishing touches to your home.

tablescapes and vignettes

1) Add Tablescapes and Vignettes

I don’t know about you, but in my house any empty surface doesn’t stay empty for long. It’s frustrating, but often a simple vignette can help provide a home for all those odds and ends that seem to gather and multiply on any empty horizontal surface. A pretty bowl on a table in the entryway is perfect for keys, a tray can keep books and magazines tidy on a coffee table.

The Paula Deen Put Your Feet Up table from Universal is simply styled with a tray, planter with a little greenery, and some books that bring in color and complement the soft pastel décor. The rectangular end table displays pretty silver dishes and a silver-framed family photo. Each surface holds carefully curated items that bring personal style into the space and keep the surfaces from getting cluttered.

2) Add Some Greenery

We all got used to greenery when it became Pantone’s color of 2017, and even though this year’s color is Ultra Violet, we all still seem to want a little greenery in our homes. And have you noticed that indoor plants are becoming popular again? (For some of us, they were always popular.) The trend has been building and is one of the easiest ways to bring the outdoors in.

3) Add Books as Accessories

Books are an invaluable decorating item. A wall of crisp, white shelves lined with books makes a statement and can become an interesting conversation starter. Just as impressive is the book- and curio-filled Cherry Creek Traditional Bookcase Modular Wall System from Hooker Furniture. There’s plenty of room for books and any other collectibles you’d like to show off.

Coffee tables are also great places to decorate with books, hence the big, beautiful coffee table books raison d’etre. Books are also great for injecting color into a neutral palette.

4) Add the Right Area Rug

Be it ever so humble, there’s nothing like an area rug to finish the look of a room. Many homes with large expanses of wood, tile, or stone tiles are crying out for this easy finishing touch. It doesn’t have to be fancy, even a simple rug will bring many benefits to your space. For example, a rug can create zones in a great room by visually separating the space between the dining room and the family room. Without this visual clue, the area just becomes groups of furniture with no connection in the space.

5) Add a Piece of Statement Artwork

What to do with that big, blank wall over the couch? Create some WOW by adding a large piece of art. This generates drama and adds a personal touch to your space, giving it character and appeal. First, make sure you choose a piece you love, since it will be a focal point in your space. And then make sure it fits the room in style and scale.

6) Add a Gallery Wall

If you don’t want to add a large piece of art, do something more personal by adding a gallery wall. Display a collection of interesting items – small artwork, collectibles, family photos in matching frames, and even a mirror – that let the eye wander slowly along the wall.

7) Add Elegant Sheers

Window treatments are the ultimate finishing touch to your space. They can make or break your interior design. You can take your room from good to great with elegant sheers. They are also very practical, you can control the amount of natural daylight that comes into your room at any given time. Sheer curtains are simple, chic, and adaptable. They keep the look of a space light and airy.

When you decorate your home, it’s the finishing touches and personal things you do to it that give each room its charm and personality. Use these tips as inspiration to discover how you can make your house feel like home.

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