Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Get Versatile Seating with a Sectional Sofa from Broyhill Furniture

The sectional sofa has been an innovative, problem-solving piece since the early 1800s. These sofas were convenient options for awkward spaces such as narrow hallways and then, as now, were used to create versatile seating arrangements. In fact, many experts believe that end pieces of these older sectionals are often mistaken for corner chairs in antique shops.

Fast forward to the mid-20th century and sectional sofas again began rising in popularity. With modern rooms featuring open floor plans, the sectional has remained a popular option for versatile seating. The Ethan Transitional Sectional Sofa by Broyhill Furniture puts a contemporary spin on the sectional sofa while keeping the features that have made it an enduring favorite.

Choose the Right Sectional for Your Space

A sectional sofa can define the area of your room — it creates a multipurpose family gathering place with a casual vibe. A generously sized sectional sofa such the one pictured above gives your family room or living room all the seating options it needs. With its mix of transitional and modern elements, it feels both fresh and familiar, with a relaxed sophistication that fits the style of any room.

The key to choosing the right sectional for your space is research. The first decision you have to make is what kind and what size sectional you need. The measure twice, cut once rule applies here. You need to be sure of the dimensions of your room so that you get the right size. Because it is separate pieces by design, a sectional can be easier to move around, but no one wants to do it more than necessary. If you can, sketch out your seating arrangement, a simple line drawing will do. This will help you determine where you want to place the sectional and whether you want a left or right side—that is where you want the arm to be on your sectional. Then decide if you want recliners, a chaise, or sleeper option.

It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Sectional Sofa

When most people hear the term “sectional sofa”, the think of a huge L-shaped piece of furniture that dominates the living room. While this may be true of some sectionals, it does not really do the modern sectional justice. Because a sectional has many different pieces, it is a versatile, practical addition to large and small living rooms alike.

With so many styles and shapes to choose from, there is a sectional for almost every size room. To check out the variety of sectionals available, visit Baer’s Furniture Showroom today. Check out Baer's Furniture on Instagram.

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