Thursday, November 17, 2016

Seasonal Throws, Pillows & Accessories to Enhance Fall Home Décor

Autumn in Florida does not necessarily bring to mind falling leaves, pumpkin patches, and harvest festivals. Still, for those who enjoy decorating their home as the seasons change, fall is a great time to break out all your seasonal favorites before the holiday rush begins.
Accessories are a great way to add a touch of fall into Florida living. Changing your décor for the season doesn’t have to mean a total home makeover, smaller accessories and accent pieces can make a big difference. When choosing your fall accessories, you’ll want to consider specific colors and prints.


When choosing fall décor, choose browns, reds, oranges and gold. Mossy greens are also a great option, especially when you want to use colors that will also blend in with your current Florida décor. The Surya pillow in mossy green also has beautiful flowers adorning the front. Off-white, cream and beige are great neutrals to pair with bold fall colors. The Teegan Throw Blanket features orange, brown and yellow, which would pair well with almost any couch or sofa.


Along with colors, you can also choose specific patterns that are synonymous with fall. Plaid is always popular during fall. Botanicals are also a great option and will work well any time of the year in Florida. Consider festive prints as well, such as maple leaves, ferns, and acorns. Animal prints are always in style and work well if you find them in popular fall colors. The Surya Pillow in zebra print is a great option for fall as it also ties in burnt orange, another standard fall color.

While throw pillows and blankets can quickly change a room into feeling more like fall, there are many other accessories that can transform your home. An accent rug can quickly change a room. In the dining room, use a table runner to create a beautiful tablescape. Smaller pieces like vases and decorative bowls can also be used to create a festival fall look.

While fall might be considered more of “late summer” in Florida, you can still incorporate fall décor into Florida living. Accessories can help give your home a fall feel without having to rake up leaves. 

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