Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The Mid-Century Modern Revival – Does it Still Have Legs?

Mid-century modern design came to fruition after World War II ended and remained a popular décor trend for several decades until the 1980s, which had its own oddities in furniture design. Once mid-century modern furniture returned in the 2000s, it made quite the splash with sofas with curved edges, tables with sleek finishes, and chairs that curved and were made to fit the human form. In 2023, however, there’s debate among experts and consumers as to whether this style is even, well, stylish anymore. 

If you ask a professional designer if mid-century modern furniture is still a hot trend, their answer will most likely depend on their own personal preferences. Some say the trend is slowly but surely fading, some say it’s here to stay, and some say it should only be used sparingly when creating an interior look. You might ask yourself, “Well, how do I know what’s right versus wrong? What will look good versus bad in my home? Do I have to return some pieces to the store now?” First, we will break down exactly what mid-century modern furniture looks like and delve into how you can use it in your home. Second, don’t return your pieces to the store — there are ways to incorporate furniture of various styles into your design while still maintaining a current and fresh style

What is Mid-Century Modern Furniture? 

As the name states, mid-century modern furniture started becoming a design style in the middle of the 20th century. Inspired by the works of different architects of that time, this design style has quite a few notable characteristics, such as simplicity, mixed materials, and a combination of indoor and outdoor living. To start, the furniture is quite minimalist — it usually has sleek designs supported by wooden or metal legs. In terms of material, you’ll often see pieces featuring plastic mixed in with solid wood and other natural materials. Lastly, mid-century modern combines indoor and outdoor living with the inclusion of large plants in a home, large windows, and furniture that could fit inside a living room or outside on a patio. 

Is Mid-Century Modern Going Out of Style? 

The answer is yes…and no. While there are some aspects of mid-century modern that are going out of style, some are here to stay. Experts agree that regardless of whether the trend ever goes completely out of style, it’s best if used sparingly. They suggest using mid-century modern accent pieces rather than decorating an entire room set in this style. This will give your home a timeless feel with long-lasting pieces that are eclectic. Some experts say that cane furniture, in particular, is going to continue trending in people’s homes. Cane furniture is similar to wicker and comes in natural, neutral colors that can fit in any room. Additionally, this furniture can go with any style or room — whether it be a contemporary living room or a beach-themed pool house. It can complement the bohemian motif of a bedroom while also coordinating well with strictly modern pieces without clashing at all. 

How to Incorporate the Trend in Your Home

The best way to use mid-century modern furniture in your home is to combine it with other trends. While mid-century will most likely never completely fade, other eras like the 1980s and 1990s are making a comeback in interior design as well. If you’re interested in designing a space with multiple trends, then you need to thoughtfully plan how you want each room to look. Plus, you’ll want to plan out what pieces you want to complement each other so nothing clashes. 

For example, if you’re combining trends, then maybe offset a mid-century modern couch with a sleek coffee table. The Bernhardt Colette Sofa is a great piece to incorporate in a room where you want to incorporate multiple styles because it’s a neutral tone and has curves, which are complementary to other accent pieces. Not to mention, it’s very comfortable!

The Bernhardt Colette Chair is also a great piece to pair with more contemporary styles of furniture and can even go with other accent chairs if you wanted to include the sofa as well.

Another great mid-century modern piece for combining styles is the Vanguard Furniture Cove Dining Table, which is sleek, charming, and shapely as an accent piece. Pair it with some simple contemporary chairs, and you have one trendy dining room that guests will love!  

The mid-century modern style can complement all sorts of styles, so don’t discount this one in your design journey. It’s great for accenting the room, incorporating indoor and outdoor elements into the space, and adding some cool elements into your space! For more information on pieces in this style, visit the Baer’s Furniture site to look through different options. Shop Baer’s today!

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