Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Create Romance with Your Bedroom Décor for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day we celebrate romantic love. Over the years this day has come to be celebrated across the globe. Those of you who are cynical might blame great marketing and advertising, but the rest of us understand the allure of a day that celebrates love. For those who believe in love, or want to even just for the day, here are some tips on how to create a romantic bedroom on Valentine’s Day.

beautiful romantic bedroom

Dress Your Bed to Impress

How you dress your bed is a pivotal part of bedroom décor, and especially important on Valentine’s Day. Set the scene with gorgeous bedding – silk and satin are the perfect choice for this romantic day. They give you a relaxed comfort that screams romance.

Choose the right color to set your mood. If you do everything right and miss the bus on color, all your hard work will be wasted. Pearl, gold, bronze, or silver are great accent colors. Above, the subtle silver lamp and vase of tender pink flowers enhances the mood set by the pristine white bedding on the Miramont King Upholstered Sleigh Bed by Bernhardt.

You can add interesting texture with comforters, blankets, and throw pillows made of soft, rich fabrics such as faux fur, velour, and velvet. A canopy bed is the epitome of luxury, but if you don’t have one, create an intimate feel with window dressings that are alluring and plush. Draperies that catch the wind and flow can add a romantic zing to the room.

close up of luxurious bed

Create the Mood with Lighting

Create a feeling of intimacy with candles and soft lighting. This lessens the stress on your eyes and gives the room a romantic look. A light on a dimmer helps you control the mood and groupings of candles in the many corners add a soft glow.

Add a Little Glitz and Glam

Although you want the lighting soft and subtle, adding a little sparkle and shine to your bedroom décor will increase the romance factor. You can do this with a well-placed mirror to soften the light and give the room more depth. Remember important touches such as metallic accessories and a plush area rug. A little soft music and some potpourri will add some romantic spice. And don’t forget the chocolates and champagne for a rich romantic feel.

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