Sunday, July 8, 2018

9 Tips for Staging Your Coffee Table

Looking for a way to give your family room an easy update? How about styling your coffee table? A table with an accessory and a small vase of flowers looks thoughtful, while a gorgeous table scattered with magazines just looks sad. From laying out a tray to arranging a personal collection, these tips will show you how to create a chic, stylish look for your coffee table.

1) Display a Cherished Collection

Books, pottery, or boxes can make perfect coffee table displays. Group together similar or same-colored pottery in various heights and shapes. Use a few books as risers to create height where you need it. Mix up your sizes, too many small pieces can look cluttered while too many large ones will feel too heavy.

2) Make a Grid

This layout is great for an oversized coffee table. Tape off sections into a grid so that you have a guide for positioning your objects. Place your objects within these compartments. Keep the scale of your table in mind and fill your compartments with stacked books, baskets, plants, large pillar candlesticks, or a bowl of fruit. Play with the composition until it feels just right.


3) Add Layers with Trays

Trays are great for creating layered displays. They can hold small- and medium-sized vases, candlesticks, potted plants, and more. The also keep large coffee tables from feeling massive and taking over the space. Layering with a tray helps break up the space, gives it structure and symmetry, and anchors items that might otherwise look like they were floating aimlessly around. The Bali Hai Capri Square Cocktail table by Tommy Bahama is accessorized perfectly by the small tray, stacked books, and starfish.

4) Add Some Natural Elements

Natural elements such as antlers, vintage wooden bowls, and jars of shells give a room some history. These objects can add dimension and change the feel of a room. You can easily switch them out or rearrange them to create a new look.

5) Add Seasonal Touches

The coffee table is a great place to add seasonal flair to your family room. Add a vase of fresh flowers in spring, a jar of shells in summer, and a gourd or fall leaves in the fall. You can add holiday decorations or some subtle bling to celebrate the winter season.

6) Vary the Heights of Your Accessories

Whether you are displaying a collection, going old school with flashy coffee table books, or creating a simple arrangement with a vase of flowers and stacked books, remember to vary the heights of the items on your coffee table. This will give your space more visual interest and create a more eye-catching tablescape.

coffee table style rule of thirds

7) Use the Rule of Thirds

This age-old composition rule will come in handy when you are accessorizing your coffee table. Dividing the space into three sections can help you choose which items look best. This method is good for long, rectangular tables, such as the Pavilion Storage Cocktail table by A.R.T. Furniture.

8) Add Pops of Color

Use colorful accessories that play off the colors of your décor. Contrasting colors can give your coffee table dramatic interest. If your palette is neutral, use a few bold colors. If you have a lot of dark woods, try some metallic items on your coffee table.

9) Choose a Side

If you have a larger coffee table and want a minimalist look, you can accessorize one side. This keeps the coffee table from seeming too cluttered and gives you plenty of space for family and friends to place a cup, plate, or personal items. No feet allowed.
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